‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Amy Carlson’s New Bounty Hunter Role is a Far Cry From Linda Reagan

When Blue blood at first, he couldn’t get enough fans of the Reagan family. The whole family was made up of members of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, as well as Linda Reagan. Linda was a nurse while the rest of her family dealt with crime in their own way.

The Reagan family is very close. So it came as a surprise to fans to find out that Linda had been killed. Fans an Blue blood the nurse was not happy about leaving actor Amy Carlson. However, she got a new job on Dick Wolfe FBI: Wanting and her character is portrayed very differently from Linda.

Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan Jojo Whilden / CBS tro Getty Images

Who is Amy Carlson?

Carlson was born on July 7, 1968, in Illinois. She went to Knox College and took part in plays such as July 5th, Lie of the Mind, and Noises Off. She first appeared on the 1993 soap opera Something else World, which won her an Emmy Award during the day for the special supporting actress in a drama series. In 2000 she starred in the NBC series The third watch to 2003. After that she starred in the short series Law & order: Jury trial. In 2010, the actor became involved in a series of police procedures Blue blood playing Linda Reagan.

She continued in the post until she left in 2017. She chose to leave her contract to pursue other opportunities. Danny Reagan’s wife Carlson played Donnie Wahlberg’s character for the seven years she was on show.

Carlson is married to her longtime partner Syd Butler and has a daughter and a son with the musician. Butler plays the bass guitar on the talk show Late night with Seth Meyers. He also has an independent label called Frenchkiss Records and is part of the indie band Les Savy Fav.

Carlson’s character on ‘Blue Bloods’ died in a helicopter crash

When season 8 begins, Linda is reported to have died in a helicopter crash. Although the death itself has not been revealed, Linda’s family is left mourning the sudden loss. In season 9, Louis Delgado goes against Danny by burning his house. When Danny and the DEA met with Delgado, he revealed that the Mexican cartel had fired Linda as a warning for examining them. Delgado admits the camera in his apartment, telling Danny that Linda’s accident was not a real accident.

Carlson did not know that her character would die the sad way she did. Nonetheless, she thanked her fans for their love and support. Carlson noted that she didn’t think her character was popular with fans until Linda died. Carlson’s departure shocked the costars and her fans. Will Estes said he had heard that Carlson had not renewed his contract and honored his idea for choosing a different path, creatively and professionally.

Wahlberg was affected by Carlson’s departure. He admitted that it was difficult for him to move on from Linda’s death both as an actor and as a co-star and friend. Wahlberg said he and Carlson are still in contact.

Carlson’s new role is far from his role on ‘Blue Bloods’

After leaving Blue blood in the seventh season, Carlson appears to be returning to CBS with Dick Wolfe’s FBI: Wanting, as reported by Mrs. Pioneer. Carlson regularly came back on the set as veteran bounty hunter Jackie Ward. Although Jackie is good at her job and as a force to be reckoned with, she is “a thorn in the side of the team. ”Carlson ‘s character has reportedly crossed paths with Julian McMahon’ s character Jess. Jackie’s past relationship with Jess promises drama on an entirely different level, but fans will have to wait for Carlson’s debate to find out. Carlson clearly has a field, and her new role is miles away from medical professional Linda Reagan.

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