‘Blue Bloods’: 5 Interesting Facts About the Show

How much do you know about it? Blue blood? Here are five interesting facts about the show.

1. The silver material is plastic

Blue blood  John Paul Filo / CBS through Getty Images
Blue blood John Paul Filo / CBS through Getty Images

During a CBS question and answer session, Donnie Wahlberg revealed a mystery about the Reagan knives. Wahlberg concluded that the silverware they are using is not real – it is plastic. Why real money products are not allowed on the Blue blood set? “The sound department doesn’t want to hear clinking through people’s lines,” Wahlberg says. “We use plastic tools. He also revealed that he and Tom Selleck do not like plastic knives.

2. Leftovers from Blue Bloods Family Dinner

Blue Bloods family dinner  Craig Blankenhorn / CBS through Getty Images
Blue Bloods family dinner Craig Blankenhorn / CBS through Getty Images

The Reagans eat a lot of food during these dinner scenes. What do they do with what’s left? Not to worry, food from Blue blood family dinner is not thrown away. Whatever the crew does not eat, crew members will be given to take home, reports Insider Tbh. Prop master Jim Lillis says all the food has been cleared. “Food that is still good has been shared with the team to take home,” Lillis told the publication. Nothing goes to waste. ”

3. The stairs do not lead to the bedrooms

If you’re ever wondering where the stairs go, we have an answer for you. You might be surprised to hear that the stairs don’t go far. In some scenes, you can see Frank or Henry walking up the stairs to their bedrooms. Seann Blue blood star Vanessa Carlson revealed that the stairs do not lead to a bedroom. she is told Rachael Ray the deceptive staircase leads to the set’s kitchen closet.

4. The director was thrown into the elevator on Vanessa Ray test day

Vanessa Ray shared by CBS Guard! the story of how she embarked on her dream job Blue blood. The actress said she was persistent in looking for work on the show:

I did tape interviews and then met with CBS in Los Angeles. The day I went in for my recall, the director was thrown into an elevator and they were like, ‘Maybe we should reschedule for tomorrow. ‘But sometimes as an actor you’re like,’ No! I’m done right now and I don’t want to come back tomorrow. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I know today that I will get this job. ‘So I waited on the CBS crane for two hours until the fire department got the director thrown out of the elevator and then I was like,’ Done? ‘And I got it!

Vanessa Ray, CBS Guard!

5. Will Estes will be a major driver of the show

In most movies and TV shows, an actor pretends to drive. In 2014, CBS shared a bit of behind-the-scenes secrets, revealing that Will Estes loved to drive rather than hide. Here’s what CBS had to say on their website:

“Car scenes are not just a green screen. Will will of course drive a car with a camera attached to it through the main streets of New York City. He hates fake driving; he loves to drive! ”

We’re not sure if Estes still loves to drive, but back in 2014, he preferred to get behind the wheel and do the driving.

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