Blogger Claims Andy Cohen Stole ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Show Idea From Nene Leakes in Exchange for This

Nene Leakes is not resting on her problems with Bravo because of her separation RHOA. Leakes complains that she is gradually removed from the show and denies her spinoff opportunities. A new report from Funky Dineva seems to confirm Leakes’ claims that some of her comments, including Andy Cohen’s, have been rejected. Watch what’s happening live.

Andy Cohen and Nene Leakes
Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Nene Leakes accuses Bravo officials of denying his spinoff opportunities

During a Q&A live on Instagram with fans, Leakes was asked why she doesn’t have her own spinoff series. Per Leakes, despite submitting her own shows to the network, has chosen other hunting members for spinoffs instead.

“I don’t know why only one person from our show gets her own show every season after we go off the air,” she said. To me it looks shady for one person – season after season after season – to get a show, and certainly not by choice. It’s definitely a reason that someone would try to hold you back from not doing something. Someone is afraid that you will be bigger than they are. ”

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Fans came up with Leakes’ idea as a dig to her co-star, Kandi Burruss. Burruss is currently working for her sixth spinoff series, and they all say she set her own. Kim Zolciak Biermann is the only other Atlanta housewife to have a long-running spinoff series. Na Tardy, which has been on the air since 2012.

Leakes had one particular spinoff for her wedding in 2013. Because of her frustration, she says she hired a lawyer to investigate what she considers to be her blocking spinoff opportunities. Leakes also blocked the network from stealing certain ideas for their own use.

Funky Dineva alleges that Andy Cohen stole ‘What What Happens Live’ from Nene Leakes in exchange for Leakes to feature more guests than other housewives

Leakes’ accusation that Bravo may have stolen some comments on the situation may be true. According to the popular YouTube vlogger Funky Dineva, Cohen’s late-night talk show Watch what’s happening live indeed a concept of Leakes’.

In a recent video Questioning the unfair treatment of Black talent at the network, Dineva says he learned from a source who works at the network that Leakes sent the idea for the show to Cohen himself.

Source: YouTube

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Per Dineva, Cohen ran with the idea for the show as a trade show Leakes appeared several times on the talk show each season. Cohen himself has said several times that Leakes looks more on display than any housewife in the franchise. Leakes has also made her own special one-on-one facilities on display with Cohen.

There were rumors of Nene Leakes’ withdrawal from ‘RHOA’

Ahead of the premiere of season 13, Leakes announced on her YouTube channel that she would not be returning. Leakes dropped the show for one season but returned as a friend to the show before another promotion to full-time.

Leakes maintains that she has been phased out of the show over the past few seasons and offered very few events. Insiders maintain that production has grown tired of the old diva things they said. Other constellations reportedly found Leakes difficult to work with.

OG’s housekeeper admits that she is upset about the problem and hopes to “have a conversation” with the network and come to an agreement.

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