‘Big Brother’ Slop Has Sent Houseguests to the Hospital

Julie Chen Moonves is the well-known and well-known guest of the CBS reality TV series. Big brother it was first published in 2000, and many fans might agree that summers have never been like that. The quarterly reality TV show invites 16 householders to compete for half a million dollars. In addition to being under scrutiny 24/7, there are many challenging competitions as well as friends and efforts that the housewives must have if they want a $ 500,000 chance. Generally speaking, one householder is usually evicted each week. However, anyone who has been watching the latest season of Big brother perhaps the first ever triple clearance was enjoyed. One enduring thing that fans and viewers can expect to see each season is the unfortunate return of the Have-Nots.

Big Brother competitors standing at graveyard set gates
Big Brother Johnny Vy / CBS through Getty Images

The disadvantages of being a ‘Have-Not’ while on ‘Big Brother’

Original fans and viewers Big brother I may have noticed that the show has changed a lot since season one. From the naming wheel to the number of house complaints, the game has suffered a few setbacks. The introduction of “Have-Not” was one of them, according to The Things. When Big brother initially the house guests would play and compete for their food choices. However, as time went on, Moonves introduced the new concept to the house.

Being a Have-Not means cold showers, an uncomfortable sleeping position, and making you “slop” for the rest of the week. The new Head of Household would normally pick around 4-5 people for this unfortunate title, but as fans know, not always. Anyone who has watched season 22 of Big brother they may have noticed how Moonves has been forcing the Have-Nots out there to pick the new ones.

What is the slope of the ‘Big Brother’?

In recent seasons, the slope seems to be the biggest fear householders have about being a Have-Not. Living and competing there Big brother challenging enough without a slope in the picture. Between the name and the image, it’s hard to imagine anyone excited about it. But, don’t miss anything Big brother fan. That’s why CBS shared the official recipe on Twitter. The recipe includes steel-cut oats, separated whey protein, unsweetened soy protein, vitamin and mineral powder, and, finally, a little water, depending on Chowhound. With such ingredients, it makes sense why homeowners are becoming saddened by the infamous slope.

The ‘Big Brother’ slope has in the past sent some householders to hospital

It may come as a surprise to many that CBS is still forcing homeowners to eat up a slope, especially since some of them have been hospitalized in the past as a result, according to NY Daily News. It was during season 9 of Big brother that two guests had very negative views on slop diet. Amanda Hansen was one of them. Hansen is hypoglycemic and tried to warn a producer that she was not feeling well and needed sugar, according to World of Reality TV. When she could find nothing, Hansen fled and was captured. Meanwhile, Allison Nichols, who was also a Have-Not, was having a sensory reflex to something that was on the slope. Since the famous recipe was released just a few years ago some people may be wondering if CBS has changed the content of the horrible flour since then.

No one ever wants to be a Have-Not, but, as homeowners know better than anyone, anything is always possible. Eating a slop may not be a perop eatery, but many people would seem to agree that it ‘s a small sacrifice when you play for half a million dollars.

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