‘Big Brother’: Kat Dunn and Reality Steve Are No Longer Seeing Each Other

At the end of April 2020, Big brother star Kat Dunn and Reality reality TV blogger Steve Carbone began seeing each other romantically. However, after several months, the young couple announced that they had stopped him and were not pursuing a relationship. While Carbone remained relatively silent about the split, Dunn commented several times in a Reddit thread.

Kathryn Dunn at home on the two-night event at Big Brother
Kathryn Dunn at home on the two – night event at Big Brother | Monty Brinton

Kat Dunn competed on ‘Big Brother 21’

Last summer, Texas-based 30-year-old social media influencer Kathryn “Kat” Dunn appeared on the 21st season of Big brother.

After a short-term romance with eventual winner Jackson Michie, the Texas-based woman took a free agent approach but had a close relationship with Jessica Milagros and her partner before joining -into the house, Holly Allen.

It emerged that they began spending time together after their interview on April 23 and he denied any involvement in her breakup.

Although the two didn’t add much to each other in their posts, fans knew they were together because Carbone’s dog would often feature in Dunn’s Instagram Stories.

In addition, she used her equipment for her podcast. The couple did not officially call each other as boyfriend but girlfriend but announced that they would break up several months later in December 2020.

Dunn and Carbone never see each other again

At the beginning Episode Podcast Reality Steve 212, it turned out that he and Dunn had stopped seeing each other romantically. He did not analyze the cause of the separation but noticed that the two have been friends and keep in touch.

The BB21 a star described the situation several times in a Reddit thread and has been denied contact with the popular ones Old boy spoiler for “clout.” In addition, she responded to a fan who accused her of “using” Carbone explaining that she “sometimes” used her podcast equipment when hanging out to could she “be productive too. ”

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One fan commented that the separation was unfortunate as Dunn apparently “gave him a more thoughtful side.” The user also thought the two looked happy together.

In Dunn’s response to the fan, she said she was also “sorry” that they chose to stop seeing each other. Big Brother 23 returns next summer.

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