‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Moonves Says It’s a ‘Shame’ the Houseguests Let Nicole Franzel Get Away

The previous one Big brother there were more people than winners this star season. But Nicole Franzel has had it done for a long time. Julie Chen Moonves shares her thoughts on Nicole getting so far and what he has to say about the other players. [Warning spoilers for the Oct. 23 episode!]

Nicole Franzel stood out on ‘Big Brother 22’

Nicole Franzel wins Season 18's 'Big Brother' live weekend
Nicole Franzel wins live ‘Big Brother ’18 live season | Sonja Flemming / CBS through Getty Images

Many players and fans can’t believe a previous winner has got a firm grip on the game a second time. There has been debate as to whether this reflects Nicole’s skill, or the lack of good judgment from the team. Moonves was wondering if Nicole should get more credit if she does until the last two.

“Yes, I would consider it,” said the innkeeper Weekly entertainment. “But when you study more carefully, it’s more like everyone else is ashamed to let it go through.”

She continued, “However, she won two big competitions that were not easy. And she won them at key moments of the game when the pressure was on! Now sin it was impressive and he would count more in my book as a jury. ”

Fans may not know how the jury will vote until last night. But Moonves also seems to think the team should have outscored their previous winners by this time in the game. No one has won Big brother more than once, but it ‘s quite possible that Nicole could be the first.

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