‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen Threw Shade at Ex Jackson Michie’s Rumored Relationship With Morgan Simianer

After a show throughout Big Brother 21, Holly Allen and Jackson Michie followed the relationship after the season and moved in together. However, they parted ways after nearly a year together. In December 2020, Michie started hanging out with him Cheer star Morgan Simianer; fuel reports the two began to go backwards. Allen gave her the rumored relationship with him BB21 co-star and ex-boyfriend Kat Dunn also measures up.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are on the block on the Big Brother Live Eviction show
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are on the block on the show Big Brother Live Eviction | Monty Brinton

Holly Allen and Jackson broke Michie last year

After their last two looks ahead Big Brother 21, winner Jackson Michie and runner Holly Allen moved into an apartment in Los Angeles together a month or two later and took a dog due to COVID-19 pandemic.

However, they decided to split in June 2020, after going back for about a year. A month after the breakup, Allen appeared on The Publyssity Podcast and explained that he wanted to name the separation before it was over, making it harder for her.

As the two recorded parts of their day on social media, Allen answered questions from her fans on her Instagram Story. One client asked how she felt about her new previous relationship, and the BB21 A star said she might not listen if someone told her to “stay away” from Michie.

So she doesn’t know what to say, but Simianer keeps the prayers as she has done with the “many other girls.”

Dunn reminds Allen that she warned her in response

An observer photographed Allen’s response and uploaded it Reddit, where several fans reported on her capture. Kat Dunn, a BB21 a contestant who knew Allen before the show and who had a show with Michie at the start of the season, also got in by reminding her friend that she didn’t listen when Dunn warned her about it.

She included a minute clip of a conversation she had with Allen at the BBC house after Sam Smith was evicted. Dunn told Allen that the other house guests thought he was “aggressive,” but the last runner corrected her by saying he was “hot.”

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When Dunn tried to say that representatives were calling him in the Diary Room for the way he treated the other women, Allen got up, and then quickly cut the dishes. Dunn, who is no longer friends with Allen, said she had nothing to do with the breakup.

Big Brother 23 returns in the summer of 2021.

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