‘Big Brother’ Frankie Grande Says He Would’ve ‘Dominated’ Season 22 if He Returned

Big brother Star Frankie Grande has established himself as a competition beast in season 16, technically tying the record for most House Leader wins in a season. However, unbeknownst to him he eliminated two of his wins by pressing the BB Rewind button, which continued until the end of his game. Grande had a chance to come back and prove himself on a second full-star season, but he chose not to because of the current state of the world. However, it still looks BB22 and he believes he would have had the “upper hand” if he had returned.

Frankie Grande's 'Big Brother 16' throw
Frankie Grande ‘s’ Big Brother 16′ cast Cliff Lipson

Frankie Grande finished fifth in ‘Big Brother 16’

In 2014, YouTube personality and Ariana Grande’s older half-brother Frankie competed Big Brother 16. He hid his relationship with the pop singer for most of the contest as he did not want his reputation to put a target on his back.

Grande was the first Head of House, along with Caleb Reynolds, and the two formed an eight-man alliance, Bomb Squad. However, the group quickly fell apart when Devin Shepherd invited other householders into the coalition and he went wrong, resulting in an early eviction.

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The YouTuber then teamed up with another ally, The Detonators, and eventually went on to take control of the season. However, he encouraged the other householders to put pressure on BB Rewind Twist, which eliminated his current HOH and Power of Veto wins.

Already a target, he unanimously joined the jury the following week, placing fifth. He returned two years later for Famous Big Brother (UK), where he finished sixth.

Grande after appearing on ‘Big Brother’

In 2017, the Broadway singer and actor appeared on it The Show today, walked as a model during New York Fashion Week, released a music video, and made a cameo in the Nickelodeon sitcom Henry Cunnart.

A year later, he appeared in one or two shows or off-Broadway shows before focusing on performing solo shows. The YouTube star is currently hosting a podcast and staying in frequent communication with her followers through social media.

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When rumors spread of returning players competing in another All-Stars quarter, reports circulated that Grande had quickly applied for BB22. However, he denied returning for the long-awaited season due to the current civil unrest and COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though YouTube’s personality didn’t return for the All-Stars season, he thinks he would have succeeded well if he had done so.

Grande thinks he would have performed well in ‘Big Brother 22’

In an interview in August 2020 with TooFab, Grande noted that he thinks he will return to the reality tournament series one day. However, he is “grateful” for his place in life as he can “support my family” through the pandemic.

YouTube personality is keeping an eye on the latter All-Stars season, which includes two of his former co-stars, Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel, who they think would have been “under control” if he had returned.

Grande said he personally knows several of the housemates or watching them play. He is therefore confident that he would have “won” without question.

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However, due to the current state of civil unrest and COVID-related spikes when CBS first contacted him about competing this season, Grande felt he could not “promise” leaving his family.

If things had shaken out in a different way, the YouTube star is sure he would have walked away with the effect. Big Brother 22: All-Stars air Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8 / 7c on CBS.

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