‘Big Brother 22’ the Final 5 Make Petty Comments About Evicted Houseguests and Their BB Comics

BB Comics is back for Big Brother 22. The team fought hard to win the veto. But they also had fun commenting on how everyone was represented. That includes Nicole Franzel, who was unhappy about her comic. [Warning spoilers for the Oct. 14 episode!]

‘Big Brother 22’ brought back BB Comics

Christmas, Enzo, Cody, Memphis, and Nicole F. were left to play the tournament. They did not hold back with their ideas on the comics.

“King Kaysar? King of what? Going home before the jury arrives? I do not know. Who is the king of kings? ”Asked Cody homosexually.

Enzo said Bayleigh looked stunning in her humor. But he had something to say about Kevin. “Kevin’s Bandanimal comic had died because his facial expression is just like ‘Look I’m going to be on the block again!’ ”He said.

He also had something to say about Nicole A. “I love Nicole A. But that’s one podcast I won’t listen to. I will listen to your podcast once. The one I am on. I will listen to that one, ”he said.

Enzo also said he likes Tyler. “He certainly didn’t draw any magic in this house and with that humor,” he said.

Christmas loved that she had a scary comic. “Look, if I’m terrible at home Big brother, I’m doing my job right, ”she said. Memphis was upset about one comic.

“I have no idea what the Da’Vonne comic means. She would keep an eye on the day of making it to the end and obviously that didn’t work for her, ”said Memphis. Nicole F. was not happy with her power.

“Someone has to be a bombshell. Someone has to be very beautiful and that seems to be Janelle. I have to be a hate killer while Janelle has to be like this beautiful bombshell goddess? Why do I look so scary all the time? ” Nicole F. asked.

Nicole F. gained Veto Power. She decided to keep her claims as Head of Household the same. That means Memphis or Christmas goes home.

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