‘Big Brother 22’: Nicole Franzel Laughed Until She Peed Her Pants on Kitchen Floor

Returning winner Nicole Franzel was literally laughing so hard that she grabbed her pants during Week 11 of Big Brother 22: All-Stars.

Nicole Franzel on the premiere of the Big Brother season
Nicole Franzel on the first season premiere of Big Brother | Bill Inoshita

Nicole Franzel returns for ‘Big Brother 22’

In 2014, graduate nurse Ubly, Michigan, Nicole Franzel, recently graduated Big Brother 16. She was a threat to competition, winning three Family Leader competitions and two Block Battles.

During Week 7, she ended up on the block because her friend turned her back on her and kicked her out. However, Nicole won her way back into the house the following week before the householders unanimously evicted her once they were evicted in double.

She then doubled down and admitted to “peed her pants,” making the other housewives laugh harder. Cody, Enzo, and Christmas all came over to check out the little push she had made on the floor before running to the bathroom to take a shower.

While Nicole isn’t done in time, she has a history of looking after her pants when she’s laughing too hard, as happened twice in her first season. While some fans found it funny and admitted that they could make a connection, others started calling it “An adult child.” Big Brother 22: All-Stars air Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8 / 7c on CBS.

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