‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Says Husband Todd Spiewak Is in Charge of This Part of Their Relationship

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak married in 2017. They had been together since 2002, five years before Parsons took over The Big Bang theory. Today, Parsons leaves Spiewak above some things in the relationship.

Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons
LR: Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons Gotham / GC Pictures

Parsons was his guest The HFPA in conversation podcast on September 23 to change Netflix of The boys in the band. In his conversation about coming out, finding Spiewak and leaving The Big Bang theory, Parsons also revealed what Spiewak is in charge of the relationship.

Even after ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Jim Parsons could not have done this without Todd Spiewak

Parsons admits that one thing that is really bad is keeping track of his own record. Fortunately, Spiewak can do that for him.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak
LR: Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

“He’s really good at organizational things,” Parsons said. “I’m really amazed at what I find for people. He has found properties for many, many people even when their brokers don’t seem to be looking. Apparently why did they not find that listing? But Todd did. He gets a kick out of it. I believe that is the only solace I have when he does all this. I’m sure he’s very humble many times but I like him and I hate him, so I let him have fun I believe you could say. ”

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