‘Below Deck Med’: Pete Hunziker ‘Tipped off’ Charter Guests, but Ashton Pienaar Spent Time With ‘Below Deck’ Guests

Pete Hunziker from Below Mediterranean Deck they may have “taken off” the guest group to meet them at the club, but he is not the first member of the team to want to party with the guests.

Simone Mashile, Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern
Simone Mashile, Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Of course, Ashton Pienaar and Tanner Sterback from Below Deck Season 7 spent a few days with some of the hiring guests from Charleston. A source told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the Below Deck Med “a “tip-off” certainly came from Hunziker and deck Alex Radcliffe knew that Hunziker was sending messages to the guests asking them to meet the team at the club.

Pienaar was filmed doing the same thing last season Below Deck. Cameras captured a text exchange with hiring guest Molly O’Connell. She posted, “Hey Ashton, where did you go tonight? We want to get together! 🙂 ”

Pienaar told deckhand Brian de Saint Pern, “If we want to invite these girls tonight, we can.” Pienaar is openly filmed debating whether he should meet the guests. But viewers never saw the exchange from Hunziker because he was cut from the series.

Pete Hunziker was taken out of the show so viewers didn’t know he made the connection

Below Deck the audience knew that the Pienaar was communicating with the guests of the card. But Below Deck Med the spectators were unaware of how the group of female guests met in unison with the club team. The reason is that Hunziker was cut from the show.

Hunziker shared a violent, racist and misogynist meme on Instagram just weeks after the season started. Bravo and 51 Minds shot at him and destroyed as many pictures as possible. Since viewers did not see Hunziker’s interaction with the guests, the appearance appeared to have come from Rob Westergaard, who courted a main guest.

Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe
Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Sterback said Vastano is a “very good chef” and cooked for him. “I visited her in Charleston and stuff like that, so we had a bit of fun,” he said. “It’s so simple, but she cooked me the best avocado toast and breakfast in bed. F ** king of hell, it was good. He stated that he and Vastano had been arrested as well.

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