‘Below Deck Med’: Life Has Drastically Changed for Tiffany Copeland Since Season 1

The third stew Tiffany Copeland from Below Mediterranean Deck he went from being a steward who courted chef Ben Robinson on season 1 to a yacht captain who recently married.

Tiffany Copeland
Tiffany Copeland | Tommy Garcia / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Copeland fired senior steward Hannah Ferrier a little cunningly because she was a green confessor and sometimes got involved while on the job. Copeland preferred to be on deck and Ferrier complained that her third steward was not as fast as her job. Copeland managed to get through the season and even connected with Robinson. She also made peace with Ferrier and today, the two have a friendly relationship.

While other members of season 1 have changed careers since they put on the show, Copeland not only stayed in the industry but worked her way up the ranks. As well as the days she flirts with chefs past as she recently announced her marriage.

She is now the skipper

Copeland admitted she was green to the industry when she joined the group Below Deck Med team in 2016. She entered a yacht after graduating in marine biology from Florida Atlantic University. On display, she shared her passion for manatee rescue and conservation.

While rescuing a manatee remained a true love she did not pay the bills. Copeland stayed in a yacht and decided to see where the business would take her. Eventually she worked her way up to the first companion then the captain. Copeland said getting a captain ‘s license was a bit like getting a driver’ s license.

“Amazing !! You watched my love breathe, ”Ferrier wrote on one of the Instagram threads. “I’ve shed so many tears watching my videos. Love you so much. I miss you x. Julia D’Albert-Pusey, who was the second steward in the Copeland season, wrote, “Congratulations!”

Copeland also shared a video dancing the night away with her wedding guests. She is seen wearing a white mask to match her flowing gown as the event appeared to have been held in an outdoor location.

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