‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Lashes Out at an Artist, Calling Her ‘Insulting’ and ‘Rude’ Over Art Negotiations

What started as a friendly purchase from an angry artist began with former chief steward Kate Chastain from Below Deck She told artist Jenny Andrews Anderson she was “embarrassed” and “rude.”

Ceit Chastain
Ceit Chastain Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Anderson shared the text exchange on her public Instagram account showing the course of the debate. Chastain contacted Anderson because she wanted to buy one of Anderson’s paintings. The discussion was friendly and praiseworthy as Chastain told Anderson that she had followed her blog for years.

But when Castan wanted to negotiate the price, the conversation went south with Castan calling on Anderson to be rude and Anderson offended by the way the matter was handled.

Negotiation tank half way through the sale

Castan asked Anderson if her price had been adjusted shortly after he decided to buy one of her works. She wrote that the price seemed high. She also told Anderson that she planned to display the painting on the back of her Bravo exhibition, which would give the artist more visibility.

Before Anderson could comment, Castan offered her own price. But Anderson explained how she priced her work and did not appear to be open to meeting the suggested price. However, Anderson ‘s comment, “Just as you would deny unpaid appearances and opportunities to work for free, with respect, so am I,” did not say, “He did not sit well with Castan.

“As well as throwing clout around as a bargaining tool it is top notch. The general dynamics that exist where people are influential or people who * think * they are influencing the expectation that other people will give big discounts or freebies are the height of disrespect, ”continued in her. “I think I speak for a lot of artists when I say – GO F ** K YOURSELF.”

“Now I’m not used to messengers who might ask me (politely) if my prices are firm. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. That is my business. And it’s up to me. LINN. In this particular situation that started as a common study demanding a price turned into something utterly disrespectful and shameful. ”

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