‘Below Deck’: Izzy Wouters Says Chef Rachel or Elizabeth Frankini ‘Could Be Really Fun in Bed’

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters from Below Deck nostalgia for “who would she prefer” on board and finally two members of the crew arrived.

Isabelle Wouters | Laurent Basset / Bravo

Wouters, who was recently a lesbian, describes the women she would have been in since season 8. ”She said on the Behind Velvet rope with David Yontef podcast.

“And all of them are well made up of course, or Francesca, no,” she said. “I mean, either Rachel [Hargrove] or Elizabeth [Frankini]. I feel like both of them could have a lot of fun in bed. Reason that they are both like silence, like strange personalities. So basically based on going off, who I think would be better in bed and like the best fun to be around maybe one of those two. ”

Izzy Wouters was pushing for Elizabeth Frankini this season

Wouters loved the idea of ​​getting some of chef Rachel Hargrove’s amazing food. “Rachel would be great,” said Wouters. “Why would she cook for you all the time. And I think she’d seem to be down on the freaky, but then Liz looks like a very calm man and I’m very heavy. So that might work out too. So, yes. I am among those too. “

She was also very clear that she had a bit of a crush on Frankini when she was on display. A fan suggested she was jealous when Frankini arrested James Hough, who is now a cabin companion at Wouters. “You understand I’m gay right? And my favorite girls when I was working on the boat, ”Wouters replied to the idea.

“It’s literally a full-time job,” she said. “He’s crazy. I spent hours yesterday just like going through everything and like trying to respond and, or at least giving like that or something like that, but yeah. Yeah. It will take forever. ”

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