‘Below Deck’: Izzy Wouters Reveals the Shocking Reason Why Crew Have To Sign an NDA

Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters from Below Deck recently one shocking reason emerged why yachts have to sign a non – disclosure agreement (NDA) before they can enter a crew.

Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters
Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters | Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU

“In sailing, you sign NDAs a lot of the time for a reason,” she said recently on the Erroneously poplitically podcast. That’s when she reported seeing some serious and similar criminal offenses in previous yacht operations.

At times the team is tied to secrecy to protect gatekeepers from being exposed to cheating on their spouse. But at other times, the hard drawn marine law line can be seen Below Mediterranean Deck not followed. Drugs and even human trafficking happened with Wouters seeing it all

Izzy Wouters remembers being in the room while the owner of a yacht deceived his wife

Wouters recalled working on a boat while the yacht owner was receiving “service” from his mistress while FaceTimed with family. “It was a private boat,” she said. “The owner of the boat had a wife and a child, and she also had a mistress. We were serving, and his wife and children were on FaceTime. ”

She said she had to be in the room. But she avoided looking directly at the sexual act in front of her. “I was just looking, I didn’t mean to look down, and suddenly this little leg is there and this guy is literally getting a proper job while he’s there. ‘FaceTiming his family,’ she recalled.

Crew members reported Daily mail in 2015 about picking up ‘sex toys’ from the night before’. Another said that a “Latvian and Russian hook” had come on board the yacht.

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