‘Below Deck’: Izzy Wouters Doesn’t Believe Captain Sandy From ‘Below Deck Med’ Had Romantic Intentions Toward Malia White

After an explosive season and a turbulent Cameo video that surfaced, Below Mediterranean Deck onlookers wondered if Captain Sandy Yawn had a romantic interest in Malia White’s bosun.

Captain Sandy Yawn
Captain Sandy Yawn Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

There were rumors going around online that Yawn might not be dressing White for being a skipper, but instead, she had a romantic interest in him. A Cameo video was released by a fan where Yawn said White was a “gay secret” but then giggled. White later leaked the video, saying she wasn’t gay and surprised her with the video.

Recently Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters from Below Deck they discussed the reaction and the outcome from the video. Wouters, who was recently gay, assumed her own relationship, believing that Yawn actually sees White as a protein or a girl.

Izzy Wouters said the affirmation in the video was not a very good idea

Wouters didn’t appreciate what Yawn said in the video but they don’t believe Yawn has a romantic design on White either.

“I wonder [Yawn] they seem to be very much in love with her partner and they seem to be good to each other, ”said Wouters on the Behind Velvet rope with David Yontef podcast. “I thought she would come out and say Malia was gay, maybe not the best thing to do. Because, you know, even if it is, or is not, that is Malia’s business. That’s not like anyone else’s business to discuss unless Malia wants to come up with that in person. ”

“She’s the one,” Shafer said. “I know Sandy and I want him forever [with this relationship]. “The couple recently bought a home together and are happily nesting.

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