‘Below Deck’: Francesca Rubi Breaks Down in Tears Revealing the Crew Thinks She’s ‘B*tchy’ and ‘Mean’

Chief steward Francesca Rubi from Below Deck more aware that some crew members are not her biggest fans.

Francesca Rubi
Francesca Rubi | Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

She’s seen in tears in an upcoming program, crying about how the team will become a family, but this team sees it as a scratchy thing. The revelation comes when My Seanna is about to dock and she sees another chief steward she knows of another yacht. She has been excited by the other member of the crew from long ago, but then she has to apologize.

“It’s a big part of a yacht that your family is the team,” she said admit. Rubi becomes emotional and cries alone in her bunk. “I don’t see this team as a man. They see me as b * tchy, meaning chief steward. ” Rubi tears up her confession while cameras capture her cry as she tries to make herself docked.

Francesca Rubi and Elizabeth Frankini do not seem to stay in touch

The season was filmed nearly a year ago and Rubi apparently overcame the disappointment of not connecting with some of the team. She hosted “Ask me anything” on it Instagram and she was asked how she handled Elizabeth Frankini avoiding her direction. Frankini thought Rubi was tolerant-aggressive, but Rubi did not see it that way.

“There is also no time when we are chartered for training,” she said. “So you have to find a balance between on-the-job training and teaching in a nice way.”

“It came pretty much after the season,” she recalled post-season tensions. “On display, a few things were obvious at the end as she began to point out things I had done wrong. Which caused some movement. ”

Chief steward Hannah Ferrier from Below Mediterranean Deck they also had issues with stews, most notably Christine “Bugsy” Drake. Drake told Ferrier that she thought she had been a “lousy” chief steward during season 2. Drake returned for season 5, but it seemed that she and Ferrier had grown and worked through the their differences.

Below Deck on Monday at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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