‘Below Deck’: Eddie Lucas Reveals a Hidden Talent That No One Saw Coming

Fun party games on Below Deck make room for Eddie Lucas’ bosun to give the team the best goat look, which has everyone on the floor.

Connie Arias, David Bradberry, Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas
Connie Arias, David Bradberry, Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas | Paul Drinkwater / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

The crew play “truth or dare” during the night while drinking on the boat. James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini are out on a date so the team decided to bond over cocktails and chat. Senior steward Francesca Rubi pours drinks and the team prepares to settle for a night of debate.

“It feels like a drinking game or something,” Lucas says in preview clip. The team brings their cocktails up on a deck where they gather and decide to play reality or dare.

Who knew Eddie Lucas had his hidden talent?

Lucas is immediately sent away. “Truth or dare,” Rubi points out. He screams and then says “dare” in a loud voice, which was created as a question. That’s when chef Rachel Hargrove gives up her mind.

“I have to go down and call a goat!” she wants. The team giggles because they know this could be good… or weird. Or both. Everyone seemed to have a lot of booze as a smile lifts and Lucas agrees.

The guest decided to discuss Rosbach from the water when he asked her to return to the boat. Clearly enough, Rosbach returned to the other guests waiting at the table.

“I hate to tell you this, but your card is over,” he told guests. “She’s in the water. She is drunk. And she won’t come out. We’re going back to the dock because I can’t stand this. ”

Below Deck on Monday at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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