‘Below Deck’ Dream Team Has Hannah Ferrier Saying ‘Yes Please’ To Working With Bobby Giancola Again

Chief steward Hannah Ferrier from Below Mediterranean Deck he appears to be on board with the Bobby Giancola hand deck again.

Malia White, Hannah Ferrier, Bobby Giancola, Adam Glick, Sandy Yawn, Wes Walton, Lauren Cohen, Max Hagley, Bugsy Drake
Malia White, Hannah Ferrier, Bobby Giancola, Adam Glick, Sandy Yawn, Wes Walton, Lauren Cohen, Max Hagley, Bugsy Drake | Virginia Sherwood / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Ferrier and Giancola had a controversial relationship, often fighting in the two Giancola seasons on display. But time has passed and Ferrier has responded to a fan recommendation “dream team”A team that included every member of the team.

Captain Lee Rosbach led the line, along with bosun Eddie Lucas who was in charge of the deck. In addition to Giancola, Connie Arias was a deck compliment. Ferrier’s interiors included Josiah Carter and Aesha Scott. Both Carter and Scott would be in the second steward, making an interesting fight to keep both rows.

Chef Rachel Hargrove finished the team. Ferrier expressed a desire to work with Hargrove in the past. “I would have worked with Rachel,” Ferrier said tweet. “Seriously – I enter 4 seasons and get a chef who takes microwave steaks and Francesca is a newbie and gets the best chef in franchise history Below Deck…? ! That’s not fair… ”

Bobby Giancola and Hannah Ferrier could make a combo for spice television

Giancola and Ferrier had a very explosive fight in season 2. Giancola was harassed by Ferrier, believing she had poisoned Lauren Cohen’s smoke against him. Cohen met Giancola before joining the team and went out with him for a short time.

“The argument came from Bobby believing that I had killed Lauren [Cohen] in New York – when I wasn’t on it, ”Ferrier explained to Bravo The daily disc in 2017. “It was not appropriate for me to talk to him and talk about it. Instead, he stayed, and when Malia joked with him, he lost his cool and started arguing with me. At the time, I had no idea about it.

Ferrier made a sarcastic remark when Hargrove quit, meaning as a joke. But some people took it as a shadow. “Rachel,” Ferrier wrote Instagram thread, divided by Hargrove. “You are a woman. You have to be involved all the time. Remember… this is a human world and you should be thankful for the opportunity to be in the galley. The ladylike act or you will never find your sweetheart for your marriage. ”

Ferrier later had to clarify that she was not shadowing Hargrove. “I like that people think I really was. Mise. Sorry about that, ”

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