‘Below Deck’: Did Captain Lee Like a Shocking Pro-Trump Instagram Video Shared by Siggy Flicker From ‘RHONY’?

Fans were taken by surprise when it emerged that Captain Lee Rosbach was from Below Deck “I would like” a video from Siggy Flicker The real housewives in New Jersey shared on Instagram of a plane carrying Trump supporters to Washington DC

Flicker Siggy
Flicker Siggy | Shareif Ziyadat / FilmMagic

The role in question showing a plane full of Trump supporters singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with many who had taken down the mask for singing. “Fly to Washington DC today! Love PATRIOTS so much !!! America is FREE home because of BRAVE !!! Flicker titled the video which did not allow comments.

A fan took a screen shot of the offensive post on Instagram and pointed out that Rosbach was “fond of”. Flicker has been a vocal supporter of Trump and Below Deck fans were disappointed to see that Rosbach approved it, especially familiar with the fall and the attack on the Capitol.

Captain Lee said he never liked the job

Rosbach insisted he did not like the job, sharing he is not involved in politics on social media. “I’m sorry it wasn’t me, if you know me, you also know that you’ve never seen anything political on any of my platforms, I’m not letting it go,” Rosbach replied to a follower on Twitter.

Rosbach reminded fans that the account did not come from him unless there was a blue mark with the name. “Yeah, look at the fan numbers and for the blue mark and it should speak books,” he wrote. “We’re sorry it happened, unfortunately it happens too often. Sorry.”

Rosbach again claimed that he had not approved the post. “They could have taken the two pictures from different ‘similarities’ together,” he replied. “I don’t know but that wasn’t me. ”

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