‘Below Deck’ Crew Member Mashup: Ross Inia Works With Aesha Scott and Jessica More Is on Board With Ciara Duggan

Below Deck Crew members Ross Inia, Aesha Scott, Ciara Duggan, and Jessica recently shared working on gates together off the show.

Below Deck 100th Episode Celebration
Below is the celebration of the 100th Episode Deck Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Former Ross Ross Inia from Below Deck Season 6 was shared by himself and steward Aesha Scott from Below Mediterranean Deck working on the same yacht together. As well as Ciara Duggan from Below deck navigation yacht and Jessica More from Below Deck Med has come together on another vessel. Duggan and More met even after working with deckhand Alex Radcliffe from Below Deck Med, which works on a nearby yacht.

Inia and Scott share fun videos of each other at work. Inia shared a video of Scott emptying in a cab. “That’s it!” he shouted as she laughed after he started her. Scott later posted a video of her Instagram story about Inia dancing on a tender board.

‘Below Deck’ fans have long been hoping for a ‘star’ type show

Crew members have often wondered who would be on their “dream team” if they could pick one from the franchise. But fans have also created their own dream team list.

One fan recently suggested stew boss Hannah Ferrier be brought back from Below Deck Med and introducing her frenemy hand Bobby Giancola. Assembling the team was Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas as bosun, along with Connie Arias on the deck team.

He was surprised too. Rosbach had previously said he might not work again with deckhand Rhylee Gerber. But he returned now that time is over. Rosbach was given a choice between Gerber and stew Kat Held. Guest Andy Cohen was surprised by the selection.

Gerber was pleased. “@Capthlr GREAT love!” i tweet. “@Andy I already know how you feel about me. ”Cohen admitted on a previous radio show that he was attracted to Gerber.

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