‘Below Deck’: Courtney Skippon Slams the Double Standard on the Boat When Chef Rachel Gets Drunk During a Crew Day Off

As the Below Deck the team screams when chef Rachel Hargrove got drunk and took to the stage on a cruise day at a resort, Courtney Skippon marked the double standard when it comes to male chefs versus .

Tom Checketts
Tom Checketts | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Skippon responded to Kate Chastain’s tweet when the team was uneasy with Hargrove’s behavior. “She’s the best chef they’ve ever had and despite the pressure of kicking ass / taking names, she doesn’t take the pressure off her teams,” Skippon write. “I haven’t seen any of the male cooks in control. You know what else I haven’t seen any of the male chefs? Sobriety. ”

The team was getting a day in a resort after another particularly heavy card. Hargrove was constantly knocking him out of the park, and he was completely into the work. She remained calm and professional, even when the team was not always there to support her.

But Hargrove started drinking heavily after the guests left a card and the team could have a few cocktails. She was drunk at a tourist center and the team was embarrassed. And while social media lit up to warn Hargrove for her behavior, Skippon and Chestnut defended her.

Kate Chastain reminds fans that chef Rachel is the reason the team receives strong praise

Chastain tweeted that fans (and the team) should rest on Hargrove. “Rachel has included all the guest meals throughout the season and has won most of the recommendations,” Chastain pointed out. “She is allowed to be released on one day.”

Hargrove, who has worked with Chestnut before, reminded Chestnut other nights out. “Ceit… Ceit… Raonaid? Do you remember Newport? Lol, ”wrote Hargrove. “We got the boss drunk.”

But, as Skippon and Chestnut have said, Hargrove is definitely an MVP on the ship. It also has a key role that is far more important than third deckhand duties. Preliminaries show Lucas and chief steward Francesca Rubi commenting on Rosbach’s Hargrove behavior. So what does Rosbach do?

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