‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Says Ashton Pienaar Is Still on His Blacklist of Crew Members

Despite reversing the course of a few crew members, Captain Lee Rosbach is from Below Deck he said there is still no way to consider working with Ashton Pienaar bosun again.

Ashton Pienaar
Ashton Pienaar | Greg Endries / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Pienaar seems to have done some soul research from last season. He posts work and cleans live photos on Instagram. But Rosbach is not ready to consider asking Pienaar to be his crew. A fan asked if he would reconsider whether Pienaar had taken control of his drinking. But Rosbach’s response yes, “Nope.”

One member of the team he could consider working with again is deckhand Rhylee Gerber. He admitted that he may not work with Gerber again during the season 7 reunion. But recently he said he would prefer to work with Gerber over vice-steward Kat Held .

Why not work Captain Lee with Ashton Pienaar?

So what did Pienaar do that made Rosbach take such a hard line? Pienaar focused on the steward, Kate Chastain, all season and strongly relieved her after a night of heavy drinking. He jumped violently inside a van door as the crew traveled back to the yacht and argued with Castan on the boat. She walked off the boat, announcing she had stopped.

Although Chastain returned, she tried to keep her distance from Pienaar. He also led the male deckhands on a misogynist smear campaign against Gerber and tried to shoot him.

She left the team high and dry, which forced Rosbach to cancel the upcoming card. Luckily for the team, she returned the next day and was extremely contrite. Hargrove then went on to knock the whole card out of the park, impressing the guests and Rosbach.

“I’m really looking forward to the 2nd opportunity and to repurchase. This one is no different to me, ”he replied to a fan Twitter about why he let her return.

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