‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Rosbach Called the Show ‘Downton Abbey’ on the Water’

Smash succeeded Downton Abbey almost reproduced on the water by Below Deck, according to Captain Lee Rosbach.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Alexis Bellino
Captain Lee Rosbach, Alexis Bellino | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

“It’s Downton Abbey on the water,” Rosbach told him The Keeper. “A lot of people thought this would be the death of the yachting industry, but that didn’t happen. I received very little backup. ”The upstairs / downstairs view of how the rich and pampered come to light each week through a lens of reality Below Deck.

Fans strongly advocated the same concept throughout the fiction-based series Downton Abbey. The series followed the lives of both the Crawley noble family and their domestic servants in the early 20th century. And although Below Deck it is made very clear that gates are not attractive scarves and no royal guests, the taste remains the same.

The team did not know what to expect from season 1

Below Deck started as a sleeper series about the hijinks and hilarity happening “under the deck” on superyacht. “I did not know what to expect, as I had all the experience of being on large chartered ships,” Rosbach told the Guardian. “But other than the cameras, it wasn’t completely different from a normal charter: I’m the captain, I have the team. We just happened to be filming while we were doing it. No scripts involved, we did exactly what the guests wanted. ”

Rosbach seemed to kick well with filming. However, senior steward Adrienne Gang said the series appeared differently than she expected. “I thought it would be interesting to be involved as there are always interesting people on board and conflict amongst the team,” she said.

The card was handed out to the team when it came time for the tip meeting. “They left us at the worst of the year,” said Rosbach Bravo Insider reveals that the guests left only a $ 5,000 tip. Most guests now range from $ 15,000 to over $ 20,000.

“I think the whole team went, especially since this group was very, very high, just because of their idea,” said Rosbach. “I mean, I even took the golfer – and let him win. ”

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