‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Reveals What He Does with Extra Tip Money

With bucket loads of money dropped in tip money, a Below Deck the observer wondered what Captain Lee Rosbach would do if the crew had overflow dough.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU

“Are you getting help up in the bridge, sharing all the tip money?” the fan tweet to Rosbach. “And what if you don’t have the same amount for everyone?”

Rosbach replied, “We sometimes put it in a kitten and have a party with it at the end of the season.” The Below Deck the team usually ends the season with a big party. At times the team gets access to a tourist destination. At other times they have a private dinner. The last evening of the season always ends with plenty of partying and lots of shopping.

Sometimes end of season parties mean drama

Rosbach treated the season 7 team to dinner and drinks on a private island. The crew were taken from the yacht to the island by tender. They were greeted with fire dancers, food, and plenty of cocktails. Rosbach can join the crew for an end-of-season dinner but usually doesn’t keep around for the drama.

Last season, Rosbach was resting on the boat when chef Kevin Dobson kicked sand in Kate Chastain’s face at the end of the party at the end of the season. The team brought the drama back to the boat and the season ended with a splintered team.

While Below Deck captains take a cut of the top, Rosbach addressed how some captains were known to take most of the tip money in real life hiring. “I don’t think it’s fair for the Captain to keep the lion’s share of the money,” Rosbach replied in 2014. Dockwalk thread. “On any yacht I have regulated, we have a policy that will let the whole team know from the start date, regarding proposals. We all share equally. Everyone gets the same amount. ”

Rosbach also shared his “plane ticket” approach for lazy or inept team members. He said he will still take his portion of the tip. But at the same time the team member gets a plane ticket home, meaning they are fired.

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