‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Reveals He Was Prepared Put Delores in Handcuffs To Remove Her From the Boat

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck Delores was so determined to leave the ship’s charter guest, he was willing to “put it in a loop and take it off the boat,” he said recently.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

“And I had the legal authority to do that,” he said in the Below Deck after display. Bosun Eddie Lucas intercepted, throwing some shadow at Below Mediterranean Deck. “It’s the law of the sea,” he said with a laugh and Rosbach laughed. Quarter 5 of Below Deck Med it turned into an interesting focus on maritime law after the shooting of chief steward Hannah Ferrier. “God doesn’t even mention that word,” Rosbach said. “So above all, sea law.”

Delores drank alcohol during dinner with the guests and Rosbach. She ended up jumping into the ocean after Rosbach told her not to jump. He was angry when she refused to get back on the boat and told the other guests that their cart was over.

Captain Lee reconsidered the expiration of the card, but Delores had to go

Rosbach said he slept in anger and decided to let the rest of the recruiting guests stay, but Delores had to go. “I decided to reconsider and give them the choice,” said Rosbach. “But [Delores] definitely going. ”

“If you want to stay and play by the rules, we’re fine,” he said. Rosbach asked the primary school guests to meet him in the wheelhouse where he explained that they could stay but Delores had to go. “It took them a total of 30 seconds to throw her ass under the bus so fast it made your head spin. It’s just … ‘We live! Get her ass out of here! She never enjoyed it! ”Rosbach and Lucas laughed.

Fan tweet, “What was more embarrassing – the random Rocky swan diving off the yacht or Delores?” Rosbach replied that they were both laughing.

Rosbach later joined the remaining guests for dinner although he looked with pain at the thought. A fan asked him why he was having dinner with the guests again. “Yeah, they deserved not to be embarrassed by Delores’ actions and I wanted them to feel better, shameless,” he said. replied.

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