‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Hints James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini Sleeping in a Guest Cabin ‘Isn’t Going To End Well’

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck they released a strong message about the possible outcome from James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini taking over a guest cabin without asking permission.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Emily Warburton-Adams, Lauren Burchell
Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Emily Warburton-Adams, Lauren Burchell | Virginia Sherwood / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Hough and Frankini returned to the boat after going on a date and decided to treat themselves to an empty guest cabin. Meanwhile, the team downstairs were drinking and enjoying the call of Eddie Lucas’ big bosun goat. And while there were no guests on board, the young team members must ask the chief steward’s permission to spend the night in a guest hut.

“Did he really say we should move to a guest cabin,” Rosbach said tweet during the program. “It’s not going to end well. ”A fan joked that the rendezvous seemed to end well. But Rosbach replied, “It’s not over yet.”

Crew members must be allowed to sleep in a guest cabin, Captain Lee says

Rosbach was probably angrier than ap * ssed at a chicken when he saw Hough and Frankini steal away to a guest cabin. “What does the third stew and deckhand do going to a guest cabin with their hook ?? That’s definitely a benefit reserved for the Main Stew and only higher levels … ”fan tweet.

That’s when Rosbach replied, “And just after you first ask.” But another fan was wondering what couples should do when working on a yacht. “Is that a real question, they work, they share rooms if it happens to be together without any problem, but when you break up your teammates time and rest time to meet your physical needs self-satisfaction, over the line. Sorry, ”Rosbach write.

Why do crews need permission? One example can be drawn from Below Deck Season 4. Chief steward Kate Chastain let a sleeping deck sleep in a guest room between contracts. However, other members of the team went on to attack and disperse in the room. The behavior of the drink damaged the room, including some destruction of the high-tech, expensive robot toilet.

So what happens when Rosbach finds out that Hough and Frankini spent the night in an unauthorized guest room? Bosun Eddie Lucas decided the couple had been warned once but next time, the practices would be a little stricter.

Below Deck on Monday at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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