Bachelor Nation Celebrates it’s 17th Lauren on Matt James’ Season of ‘The Bachelor’

On almost every season of Am Bachelor, there are repetitive names, and Matt James ’upcoming season is no different. Fans have recently talked about the lack of a different name through the competitors over the years. They discovered that Matt James met the 17th Lauren in the show’s history, and explored several inconsistencies of other distinctive names within the franchise.

Directed by 'The Bachelor' Matt James and rival Lauren
Directed by ‘The Bachelor’ Matt James and contestant Lauren | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Matt James meets 17th Lauren in ‘The Bachelor’

On Monday, January 4, 2020, Matt James will begin his journey as leader of the Am Bachelor. ABC broadcasts a film of the 28-year-old real estate broker meeting his 32 competitors at the Nemacolin Forest Resort in Pennsylvania. James hadn’t been on a previous season of Am Bachelorette like most of the instructions. ABC instead chose the entrepreneur because of the fans ‘positive response to him as a potential contender for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season of Am Bachelorette.

“Thousands of fans woke up to the ball that would have been thrown,” he said ABC reading. “He’s the whole package. He has strong family values, a great career, and over the past few months, he has used his ever-growing platform. ”

While the female franchise is more diverse than ever before, there are still two women named Serena. The franchise also includes the 17th Lauren to the show. It has long been a joke among fans that the producers deliberately choose repeating names. Lauren Maddox is a 29-year-old corporate lawyer from Miami, Florida.

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ wonder why so many Laurens are on display

“A couple of years ago when there were 4 Laurens at Arie’s season, I was curious to see if the number of Laurens on display was proportional to Laurens in the US population,” wrote one fan. Reddit. “Laurens seems to be largely under-represented Am Bachelor! ”

Fans thought the Redditor’s post was funny and informative, picking it up over 1000 times.

“I only just won this title,” wrote another fan.

With so many unique names in the U.S. population, it is strange that so many names are being repeated.

“Do you think that’s possible [The Bachelor producers] will there be a future forever without renaming? ”

Is it some kind of Easter egg that the producers are dragging in so many women with the same name? Lots of journalists has asked this same question. However, there is no answer yet. Maybe they’re hoping the lead is upset? Or the reps want fans to feel comfortable with the names again each season.

Fans are surprised that more women than Jennifer were on display

“I was also surprised by how under-represented Jennifers is,” the original poster continued. “If you count Jenny, Jenni, Jenn, and Jen, there are 14 in total, which is still less than the 17 Laurens! ”

While it’s surprising that there are more Laurens than Jennifers, it still adds to the question of names going back. Fortunately, there has only ever been one woman named Tayshia, and the call from fans to add more diversity to the program is starting to work.

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