‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’: Aang’s Voice Actor Zach Tyler Eisen Does Keep Up With the Fandom

It’s hard to imagine that almost 16 years ago, Avatar: The Last Airbender the first program on Nickelodeon. Frozen in ice and time, Aang emerged as the young hero whose world did not realize that he was waiting.

The love character was built by Zach Tyler Eisen who was almost the same age as Aang when he landed. While it remains low-key and fans joke about it disappearing like the avatar, the former ATLA a star recently revealed about his time on the show, his revival on Netflix, and his love for the fandom.

Aang in 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'
Aang in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ | Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Zach Tyler Eisen was at ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender reunion cast

After ATLA and The legend of Korra they both completed the run on Nickelodeon, fans could keep up with the series ’team and creators through event panels and celebrations. Comic-Con, Sac Anime, and Twitch are all hosted The last Airbender events, but Zach Tyler Eisen would often jump at opportunities to sit on a panel.

That changed with the cast reunion held by StageIt on January 9th. He joined other members of Team Avatar and shared why he’s staying out of mind and what the series meant to him.

Eisen said that after the show ended, he went to high school and wanted to be a “normal kid,” and no longer work as an actor. “In terms of what the show meant to me – so much. And it’s all come back to me this year thanks to Netflix, ”he said.

Eisen said he has seen the entire show for the first time since working on it and had an explosion. Korra next on his list.

Eisen lives in harmony with the ‘ATLA’ fandom

When asked about his low profile on social media, Eisen said he keeps his accounts private but is aware of the fun chatter about the show. “My favorite thing that happens every now and then is that I just explode on whatever app I see Avatar a meme or something that is completely unrelated, and I love it, ”he said.

He has some too ATLA comics and fan art, including a piece depicting the humorous scene of cactus juice. Eisen thanked the creative artists who could be eyeing the reunion for the gifts.

He also said that he sees Reddit threads, gets tags about the series, and his fan friends ATLA always sharing the latest internet scoop with him. He appreciates it.

But Eisen prefers to stay behind the scenes in his personal life, and it just so happens that these days, he works in the entertainment industry behind the camera as well.

Eisen conducted 1 interview in 2020

Eisen surprised fans when he appeared on the World of Ted Jones vlog for interview in June 2020. While he and the guest talked about many things, he said that watching the series brought so many memories of being in the cabin. and acting out the scenes.

Eisen said he awakened old feelings and remembered that Aang was perhaps the biggest career he had ever had in his acting career. Now, fans may see it at rare times at ATLA online events, but be sure to follow Dante Basco and other hunting members for updates.

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