‘Armor Wars’ Will Feel Different Without Tony Stark

When Avengers: Endgame eventually when the death of his pavilion member, Tony Stark, the Marvel Cinematic universe was about to change forever.

Within the universe, Stark helped kick-start the modern timeline that culminated in the ambitious event. Outside the camera, a photo of Robert Downey Jr. helped. leading the whole world after the success of his first film, iron Man. With Stark away from the universe, many are wondering how to come Armed wars He will play out without it.

Founding Father

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

While the MCU’s timeline has been sad for tracing several thousand years of history, there was no reserve to fall at the time. iron Manpremierein 2008. So many could say that Tony Stark was the first real revenge despite Captain America later accepting that title in the first solo effort. Nonetheless, Stark helps fundraise, rally, segregate and save the rest of the organization.

By saying goodbye to Iron Man, the MCU recognized though that his footprint will be on the MCU for years to come, it was time to look to the future as they engaged with age both on screen and behind the scenes. Stark, always a flawed superhero who often showed his dark side, made the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe as we know it.

Since then, we’ve only had one look at the MCU in the post-Stark world. This world is still in turmoil with the Blip, while Stark’s death away from his superior is another dark side that needs to be resolved.

We have not, however, seen the impact he had on one of his closest friends, Don Cheadle’s War Machine. After Disney announced a new series, Armed wars, fans will see how one of Stark ‘s closest friends can keep his legacy alive.

What is an ‘Armed Wars’?

Disney recently announced a new slate of a long-awaited series. One of those lines, however, was a surprise. Since Stark’s death Endgame, many have found out what Don Cheadle ‘s character would look like. After all, while Cheadle is a renowned actor in his own right, his MCU career has always been tied to Stark.

With Stark gone, Cheadle gets the chance to take the lead from the front. He can’t rely on the weird billionaire who not only let him be a superhero but who destroyed him forever during the Civil War, thanks to him. Nevertheless, Rhodes remained loyal to his friend until the end of the day. However, his views on Stark’s death are still unknown.

Armed wars it will help to answer this question. Although we don’t know much about the series itself, it is named after a pair of events in 1987 and 2015 that focused on the technological collapse of the Iron Man costume. After all, when technology goes into the wrong hands, the criminals are just as powerful as the heroes. In the comic books, however, this is against Iron Man himself. With it out of the picture, however, some are wondering how the creators can pull it off.

Reddit addresses ‘Armed Wars’

Fans on it Reddit they were thrilled to hear that War Machine will finally get the driver’s seat. However, the series is also a reminder that Tony Stark is gone. User u / Xaldyn155 identified all aspects of this, telling how it is a bittersweet reminder of what happened the last time we saw Rhodes and Stark.

“It’s good that they’re doing it but honestly I’m so disappointed that Iron Man won’t be here. He’s my favorite MCU character and I wish he could have been a part of level 4 and moving on. ”

U / HybridTheory also lamented the lack of Stark in the new series. However, they also recognized how interesting it will be to see a side character pushed forward and create his own path away from the shadow of Stark.

“My Armed Wars show would be a dream come true with Tony and Rhodey working together as they have fun dynamics. That would have been so good

But I’ve been hoping for a War Machine show for a while now, so I’m personally extremely hyped about this anyway! And also I think Tony has a big influence in this show, because it’s his tech and he and Rhodey were brothers, so that’ll be nice! ”

Stark’s death may have affected many people in the fictional universe, but it did so in the real world. In fact, Robert Downey Jr. helped set the groundwork that is still receiving awards. An end was always going to happen, but now that Stark is no longer here, it means we’ll finally see MCU that it doesn’t have to continue when things go south.

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