Are Bravo Fans Jumping the ‘Below Deck Med’ Ship?

Below Mediterranean Deck Season 5 was the highest-ranking season in the series, and at the same time perhaps the most ugly.

Robert Westergaard, Malia White
Robert Westergaard, Malia White | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Season broke 5 records, becoming Bravo’s main show. But the friends and efforts left many fans feeling saddened and bitter as viewers flooded the internet with comments and opinions about specific members of the cast. In the season most went missing and, for the first time, a chief steward was fired.

Crew drama used this season’s guest antics and the recurring crew door made for a seasonal glimpse. Levels remained high despite fan pressure but fell in the first part of the reunion.

Do the reunion levels tell the story?

Season 5 consistently got over the 1.6 million range with some big peaks. The end of the season was steady but the reunion saw a big drop. “S05E21 – 1.249 million viewers (0.44 18-49 demo),” according to Bravo levels for the first part of the reunion.

The ratings were accused Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen since the reunion was filmed through the Clubhouse. However, viewers promised to stop watching after chief steward Hannah Ferrier was shot. “It was just for @hannahferrier_ and Kiko, unfortunately there had to be sand,” replied one person on the thread.

“Sandy finds reasons for Hannah’s bullying,” says another someone wrote. The audience also noticed that White was laughing throughout the reunion. “Malia laughs while Sandy is rude and gives in to embarrassing Kiko,” said one tweet. White later clarified that she and some of the deckteam had private conversation and fun going through the meaningful reunion.

The second part of the Below Mediterranean Deck air reunion on Monday, October 26 at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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