Another MCU Actor Admits He Wants to Play Green Lantern: ‘I Don’t Often Talk About Jobs I Want’

From 2011 Green Lantern, The Warner Bros. has been slow to launch another version of the DC hero. Star Ryan Reynolds, of course, has gone back as Marvel’s Deadpool. But DC has been improving on the Green Blade Group. film for years. Now that HBO Max is moving on to the Green Lantern TV series, one Marvel actor is ready to step into a major role.

Cosplayer dressed as a Green Lantern
Cosplayer dressed as a Green Lantern | Photos by Daniel Zuchnik / Getty

HBO Max is developing a series about the Green Lantern Corps.

Word on the next silent Green Lantern adventure. But the upcoming HBO Max series – which will feature 10 hour events – is well on its way. according to Variety, in the show there will be a group of characters ripped straight from the comics. After all, the Green Lantern Corps. is an interplanetary defense force made up of defenders of all kinds.

Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Alan Scott are included in the show. But there is no mention of Hal Jordan – the Reynolds character played in the film – at all. As expected, his presence will be nothing but fuel rumors that Reynolds could post his career down the line. Nonetheless, the HBO Max series will feature characters like Sinestro and Kilowog, who also appeared in the film.

DC leads the way into TV to build out the shared universe, similar to Marvel

With the show still in the works, there are still a lot of fans who don’t know about the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern show. The series may integrate into the larger DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Or it could be completely separate, leading into the DC multiverse.

Whatever happens, the fact that Warner Bros. turning its focus on this project means that TV is a key part of DC’s future. Just as the MCU has several Disney + demos on the way, fans can expect DC to expand its characters and the DCEU on HBO Max.

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