‘Animaniacs’: The Unexpected Inspiration for Dot’s Very Long Name

In 1993, a new cartoon that was to become the cultural observatory of the decade hit the airwaves. With frantic energy, surprisingly solemn remarks, and a tone that was almost too adult for its audience, Animaniacs it was a big blow. Hulu recently gave a remake of the beloved show, creating a new generation of fans.

Longtime fans of the show may know that one of the characters, Dot Warner, has an unusually long name. What is her full name, and what was the motivation for it?

Randy Rogel and Rob Paulsen will perform at 'Animaniacs LIVE!'
Writer Randy Rogel and voice actor Rob Paulsen will play at Animaniacs LIVE! | Rebecca Sapp / WireImage

‘Animaniacs’ was a different kind of cartoon

For children of the ’90s, Animaniacs an important part of their childhood. The humorous, witty cartoon was full of references taken from history to pop culture. according to Floss mind, was produced by Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg’s Animation and Amblin Entertainment, and was the result of another cartoon they made, Tiny Toon Adventures.

The original view for Animaniacs take Plucky Duck, a character from Tiny Toon Adventures, and give him his own presentation. But one of the show’s producers, Tom Ruegger, wanted to establish the characters after his three sons replaced him. The ideas merged, creating three sisters, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, who are an obscure mix of animal.

Yakko was built by Rob Paulsen, who made Raphael’s voice on another popular cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The actress played the voice of Jess Harnell Wakko, with the inspiration for her voice coming from an unconventional source. Tress MacNeille, who had given Babs Bunny a voice Tiny Toon Adventures, Dot’s little sister played.

Dot is one of a kind

In 1945, Swedish author Astrid Lindgren published a book entitled Pippi Longstocking. according to Buzz Net, she had created a Pippi character in bedtime stories for her daughter, and the freckled girl with bright red pigtails quickly became a worldwide hit.

Follow two additional books, as well as TV series, movies, and even ballet. The books have been translated into over 70 different languages, and are read all over the world.

Pippi is a strong, independent 9-year-old girl who lives alone in her own house. She is said to be extremely strong (she can lift a horse over her head), and she is not one to retreat from fighting.

The Dot writer, Stoner, must have found Pippi ‘s spooky, incompetent spirit as a source of inspiration when he created Dot. The full-blown name Warner youngest sibling is followed by Pippi: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking.

The Animaniacs writers are notorious for putting more thought into a child cartoon than you might expect. Dot’s full name is not a joke, but a nod to a literary character that was the inspiration for Dot’s creation. That’s just the kind of clever reference that cartoon fans have been expecting.

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