Angela Lansbury Once Called a Proposed ‘Murder, She Wrote’ Reboot ‘a Terrible Mistake’

Angela Lansbury spent more than ten years as a face Murder, She wrote. The program attracted millions of viewers when it originally ran but never resurfaced. Murder, She wrote it came close to recovery but Lansbury did not support it. And very quickly, the project died just like so many residents in Cabot Cove, Maine.

Angela Lansbury played amateur detective for 12 years

Ron Masak, Angela Lansbury, and William Windom on the set 'Murder, She Wrote'
Ron Masak, Angela Lansbury, and William Windom on set Murder, She wrote | CBS through Getty Images

Murder, She wrote debuted in September 1984 on CBS. The program followed Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, the author of a murder mystery.

Living in the small town of Cabot Cove, Jessica would often work on murder cases herself. And no matter how much time she spent writing books like JB Fletcher, Jessica found herself with local law enforcement to offer her experience.

Lansbury played the main character on it Murder, She wrote for 12 years. The program ended in May 1996 after twelve seasons. During the initial run of the show, Lansbury won several awards for its performance.

Also, in an amazing act, she received 12 consecutive Emmy nominations. Once a year the show aired. Today, decades later Murder, She wrote to the end, it remains one of Lansbury’s best-known positions.

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