Andy Griffith or Lucille Ball: Who Had the Higher Net Worth?

Andy Griffith and Lucille Ball enjoyed a successful run on their performances Andy Griffith Exhibition and I Love Lucy. Even years after their shows come to an end, fans keep an eye on rebroadcasts. Which star had the highest net worth? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows.

Lucille Ball films and TV shows

Ball Lucille on the set of 'I Love Lucy' |  CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images
Ball Lucille on the set of ‘I Love Lucy’ | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Lucille Ball had one of his early acting careers in 1933 in Am Bowery. After a few unbelievable roles, she appeared in a 1935 film I dream too much. The next year she played Lillian Temple in Chat box.

Ball rose to prominence after appearing in the 1940 film Dance, Girl Dance, in which she played the part of a bubble. That same year, she appeared inside Too many girls, with Desi Arnaz. In 1951, a Member appeared I Love Lucy. She remained on the show until it ended in 1957.

After finishing her popular series, she appeared in many TV films and television shows, including Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Lucy’s show, and This is Lucy. Ball made her last television show in 1986 in Life with Lucy.

Lucille Ball’s work outside of acting

Ball had many responsibilities outside of acting. She also had credentials as a producer, director and production manager. Ball began her first management tour in 1974 in a program of This is Lucy entitled “Lucy, Sheriff.”

In 1981, Member directed a TV short film entitled Bungle Abbey. Her debut as a producer with the 1959 program of the Westinghouse Theater Desilu. Her other representational beliefs include Lucy’s show, Happy birthday and blessings, and Lucy in London.

Andy Griffith films and TV shows

Anndra Griffith |  Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection
Anndra Griffith | Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection

Griffith appeared on the first television program in 1955 in teleplay with the title Time for Sergeants. In 1957, he appeared in the film Face in the crowd. Griffith appeared in the film version of Time for Sergeants in 1958. That same year, he appeared in the film One onion.

Griffith admitted Andy Griffith Exhibition from 1960 to 1968. The series led to spinoffs, incl Mayberry RFD and Andy Griffith ‘s new show. In 2003, the team reunited for a special reunion event Back to Mayberry. Griffith is also famous for what he appeared in Matlock, Exemption 1, From here to eternity, and One hundred years.

Andy Griffith’s work outside of acting

Griffith also has credits as a producer and writer. He began his first production tour in 1968 with Mayberry RFD He made a total of 78 programs until the series ended in 1971.

Griffith had two credits as a writer. He had his first writing credit for The Phantom and Mr. Chicken in 1966 and had a second writing credit for What was football? in 1997. In addition, Griffith had 10 soundtrack credits.

Net worth of Lucille Ball and Andy Griffith

Ball and Griffith bond when it comes to net worth. At the time of her death, Ball had an estimated net worth of $ 60 million, according to Famous Net Worth. Andy Griffith also had an estimated net worth $ 60 million.

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