Andy Cohen Responds To ‘RHOP’ Reunion Backlash: ‘I Was Pushing for This To Be Four Parts’

A year after Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard embarked on physical change, all went RHOP housewives sat down with Andy Cohen to bring this season back. After the three-part reunion, many fans called the guest for not maintaining a neutral position when talking about the events. He responded to the backlash during a program of Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, noting that he wished four parts of the reunion.

'Watch what happens with Andy Cohen live at home' - Episode 17102 - Captured by: (lr) Andy Cohen, Rachel Lindsay
‘Watch what’s happening live with Andy Cohen at home’ – Episode 17102 – Captured by: (lr) Andy Cohen, Rachel Lindsay | Bravo

Fans split over Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard after the fight

During season 5 of Potomac real housewives, former friends Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard got into a physical change that led to second-degree assault charges against both of them.

Even though the judge eventually dismissed the cases, he divided the housewives and the fans who had strong opinions about the situation.

After the reunion, several Cohen fans called out for seeing prejudice and not holding Dillard accountable for her part in the change. They also felt that the executive representative of the United States failed to call for frequent interruptions.

Samuels noted that she wanted to have the same “energy” for her former friend, but Dillard called the innkeeper “a goal.”

Cohen responded to the backlash, saying talks had been drawn up

A few weeks after hearing the three-part reunion, Cohen responded to the backup during his first one. Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen program of 2021.

He asked Am Bachelorette star and wait for RHOP, Rachel Lindsay, her feelings of whether he looked biased during the reunion. Lindsay admitted that she thought he was better than Dillard’s side and that he kept Samuels’ “feet to fire”.

The guest explained that he pushed for a four-part reunion because he spoke to Dillard about her “role” in the petition and why many viewers felt she encouraged him.

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In addition, he noted that they talked about how it related The real Atlanta housewives reunion fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore.

However, Cohen pointed out that those conversations they had when tapping 11 hours on the reunion didn’t work into any part.

Samuels has since suspended the show, noting that she felt the network did not hold the other housewives to account as he did.

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