Anderson Cooper Tells Angry Fans He’s Not Too ‘Fancy’ for The Olive Garden — ‘I Like the Artichoke Dip’

Famous Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper, is looking for bad backing from bread lovers.

The 53-year-old TV journalist was criticized after he gave feedback in the wake of the Capitol riots in early January. In his analysis, Cooper abandoned the popular Olive Garden food series and in doing so made many viewers very disappointed. They took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

After taking some time to relax, the guest will be at Anderson Cooper 360 he clarified the statements and apologized to Olive Garden and the audience. He even said he was a big fan of the restaurant.

Anderson Cooper had harsh words for the violence at the U.S. Capitol

The country was looking at a turnaround when a group of protesters turned violent on January 6. This group paved the way to the Capitol while Congress confirmed the results of the 2020 election, hopefully disrupt the legal process.

News stories that reported vandalism were harsh words to anyone who respected the democratic process. Cooper had a particularly emotional response during his broadcast of AC360.

“Look at them, they are highly motivated by each other for this sad display of completely unmarried, completely against law and order, completely illegal. It’s amazing, ”said the guest on the show, according to Fox News.

“And they go back, you know, to the Olive Garden and the Holiday Hotel where they live, and the Marriott Garden and they have drinks and they talk about a day. They had a great time in Washington. ”

Cooper apologized for incorporating Olive Garden into everything

Olive Anderson Cooper 's Garden
Anderson Cooper | Lloyd Bishop / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images; Olive Garden | Lynne Gilbert / Seer through Getty Images

Before the end of the week, the CNN reporter reviewed at least one of his original claims. While still witnessing the outrageous riot, he apologized for paying homage to Olive Garden and revealing a so-called “elitist” view of steep dinner restaurants.

“I should have been clearer with something I said in the times just after the attack because people who broke into the Capitol were allowed to leave, it seemed – just walk away,” he said. on Jan.’s allowance. 8 de AC360.

“Celebrating the criminal act in which they were involved. I was trying to describe how steep the behavior we were all seeing at the time after the attack. The loud smile, the smile, the celebratory mood, as if they had accomplished something. ”

He went on to explain that Olive Garden was just the first restaurant that came to mind where many people would love to eat. Looking back, he understands that the generalization was unfair.

Anderson Cooper says he loves this 1 dish at Olive Garden

As well as just apologizing to Olive Garden fans, the millionaire guest claimed that he enjoys the food. After saying, “I’ve been sad about it all day,” and wishing he’d bring back the diss, he continued with a glorious review of the Italian series.

“Just for the record, I like Olive Garden. I like the artichoke dip even though it has been spinach, I hate it. Yes, I know, it’s an appetizer with bread crumbs. It ‘s like whole food. ”

Hopefully fans who love Olive Garden can forgive the pit.

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