Amy Duggar Claps Back After Fans Accuse Her of Sending Herself a Nasty Text Message to Garner Attention: ‘I’m Not That Crazy’

Amy Duggar is thought to be a black sheep of the Duggar family. As the cousin who grew up with less restrictive rules, she seems to have taken a big step away from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But she still gets a lot of criticism from fans.

On October 17, 2020, Amy posted a screenshot of a text she received from a fan / critic of her – and it wasn’t nice. Unfortunately, fans think she’s texted you and she’s just looking for attention. This is how Amy responded to the requests.

Amy Duggar sent a very important text message to Instagram which she reportedly received

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Whew! Ok..I’m just leaving this here … I tried so hard not to post this. But. I literally had to speak my mind! (when I am not?) Here is a message I received yesterday. I think what I really liked was that this whole stranger seems to know my body so well !? and literally telling me that my body is okay to produce more baby. Ready for my rant !? Of course you are !! ◇ At first I flabbergasted that someone would have the ability to write these words for anyone !! I mean. Who in their right mind is saying “I think your body is ready to send more kids” to a complete stranger ?! This is for the “Karen’s out there.” ◇ My body has been through a lot and it gave me the sweetest boy ever. Yes, it was well worth it. But I still need to heal. C-sections are not a joke and I have / had vertigo very hard. I still get dizzy sometimes but I get stronger every day. ◇ Also. I’M TIRED. Anyone else !? This pandemic has been so prevalent on so many people and my business has progressed just as so many others have. I have to be on my A game. I have to give it my all. I need to stay creative and focus on 3130. Kids are a blessing in disguise, but I can’t imagine being pregnant again right now. I’d be motionless, emotional, stressed and not in a good place and that’s okay to admit. ◇ I am very active on mum, and I also want to take full care of my son. This baby stage is so amazing and I don’t want to miss something! ◇ A factory is not a woman’s body !! Yes, our bodies can do wonderful things! But I hate that phrase “pop out” umm. No. WORK. And our bodies go through a lot! ◇ I am one child, and I think I grew up well. So congratulations to the mums who decide to have one baby! Honestly we hold on to that idea. • Some women are designed to avoid big families. I am one of them. Too much noise, chaos, it’s just not for me. But kudos to those moms who do! God has given you tremendous human strength ◇ Deep down even though it in a way scares me that I would like to nurture or adopt. ◇ It is always frustrating to be compared to others. I’m in my thirties now, away from that show and I’m so overwhelmed by it. It must stop.

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Like the Duggar on the outside, Amy has plenty of fans – but she also has critics. She has been very candid with her social media followers in the past, especially when it comes to parenting and being close to the Duggars. Amy still seems to hate as much as any other public figure, though. And she texted Instagram that she was criticized.

“Halo Amy, I’d like to say you’re a good mum but aren’t you a little behind other celebrities who get four babies before they’re 20?” the text reads. “… I think your body is okay to have more. I want you to have a fun life but don’t be complacent with your life. Lift the distance you should be pregnant again like yesterday. ”

Amy then wrote a long rant explaining how horrible it was to get such a message and how inappropriate it is for others to tell women what to do with their bodies.

“I tried so hard not to post this,” she wrote in the post. “But, I literally had to speak my mind! … Here is a message I received yesterday. I think what I really liked was that this whole stranger seems to know my body so well !? And literally telling me that my body is okay to produce more children. ”

Amy explained through Instagram Story that she was not the one who sent the message to herself

Amy Duggar appears on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Duggar will appear on NBC News’ ‘Today’ | Peter Kramer / NBC / NBC NewsWire

Although Amy tried to make a point with the post, it seems that many thought she had sent the message to herself. Messages that are sent usually appear on the right side of the screen, which is how the text appears in Amy’s post. She then took her Instagram story to put the table straight.

According to Amy, the text was originally posted to her Instagram page for her business, 3130 Clothing. “Those who think I sent that message to me, it was sent to 3130 and then I sent it to me from 3130,” she said. “So, sorry if that was upsetting. I’m not as deceitful as anyone for sending me something like that. That’s weird. ”

Some fans think the original text was going to hurt

While some fans are still convinced that Amy sent her this message, others believe that Amy missed the point completely. The person who texted her this message is probably referring to Michelle, as she had 19 children. And perhaps several other women from Duggar are following in Michelle’s footsteps.

“I feel like they were getting so brutal and casting a shadow on some people and doing a really bad job on it,” one fan commented on the post. “You are a great mother because you acknowledge the hardships of being one and want to focus your attention not only on your beautiful son, but also on your husband, your family and business. ”

“Can’t you see the bitterness in this person’s or DM’s text?” another added. “They are making fun of your cousins. That’s not nice but it doesn’t specifically target you or your body. Maybe Anna, Jessa, or Kendra. ”

We’re glad Amy stands up for herself when it comes to the trolls. Whether she sent the message to herself or not, we may never know the truth.

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