‘Alias’: Jennifer Garner’s Wigs Cost $20K Apiece

Jennifer Garner is one of Hollywood’s most popular stars, an actress who has appeared in high-profile television projects as well as popular films. Garner was a frequent headline in the early 2000s, just as much for the characters she portrayed as she was for her relationship drama.

Today, Garner lives her life a little more out of sight, though fans are still keen to follow her path through life and motherhood through social media.

One of Garner’s biggest careers (and the one that made her a big star) was the TV series Alias, supported by JJ Abrams. The series was hugely successful and commercial, and fans praised their attention to detail in the series – still, it was a very expensive endeavor, especially when it came to Garner clothing. .

What is ‘Alias’ about?

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | Photos by John Shearer / Getty

Alias It was first televised in 2001, and soon became a hit. Created by JJ Abrams, the mind is behind such major franchise revivals Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as original performances such as Lost, Alias he was wise, intense, and inspirational.

The series told the story of Sydney Bristow, the CIA ‘s dual agent, who is a job for SD-6, a criminal and intelligence agency. As Sydney struggles to hide her true identity from her friends and family, she goes through many aliases to complete a number of missions – many of them very dangerous.

Alias it was immediately successful with viewers of all ages and eventually ran on television for five years. The series was honored with many awards, with critics celebrating the actors’ writing and achievements as something special. In particular, Jennifer Garner received praise from critics for her commendable work as a Sydney Bristow double agent.

What part did Jennifer Garner play in ‘Alias’?

When Alias debuted on television, Garner was a progressive actor who had made great strides in the romantic drama film Pearl Harbor. Although Garner had some experience in the television industry, Alias it was the role she played and the one who eventually made her the star.

By the end of the series, she was one of the highest paid actresses in television and had won several awards, including a Golden Globe Award for best actress.

It was filming time Alias that Garner started dating Ben Affleck. The two made frequent headlines, and got married in 2005.

They went on to welcome three children before they separated in 2018. Although the marriage did not last, the TV show that made Garner starred, and to this day, fans turning to Alias when they want to enjoy action-packed television.

How much did Jennifer Garner ‘Alias’ wigs cost?

Just like Garner’s salary went up during her time on it Alias, as did the budget for hair and makeup on the series. The show included frequent changes of clothing, so to make room for it, the production team came up with stunning wigs for Sydney to wear while she embarks on several missions. according to ScreenRant, each Sydney wigs cost around $ 20,000.

However, the costume department tried to make the most investment with each wig, with a hairdresser Michael Reitz confesses they would try to get “at least three looks” from each wig. First, the suit section would start with a long style, and then cut it shorter and shorter so that you get many unique looks out of every expensive wig. The final effect was often surprising, with Garner mocking a stunning appearance that made fans talk, week after week.

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