A Major Piece of ‘The Waltons’ Set Was Originally on a Spin-Off of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

There are plenty of classic television shows they still have a large audience today. Not many forgot Andy Griffith Exhibition, as it has been a testament to time as one of the funniest and most hilarious comedies ever created. After the exhibition ended in 1968, Mayberry RFD created as another result.

The spin-off series seems to have a bit of a crossover The Waltons, also. Both shows used the same main set piece. Here’s what it was and what eventually came out of it.

‘Mayberry RFD’ was created as a result of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

'Mayberry RFD' cast
‘Mayberry RFD’ cast CBS through Getty Images

The Andy Griffith Look it was one of the most popular comedies on TV, and although it ended in the late 60s, creators did not want to let the creative world die completely.

according to Wide open country, Mayberry was the town in North Carolina of which Griffith ‘s character was sheriff. Although the show was a great success, many key members chose to pursue other routes. But some of the remaining hunting members who had characters living in Mayberry were brought back for another series, Mayberry RFD

The plot is Mayberry RFD centers around Mayberry Town Council President Sam Jones, as well as his son, Mike Jones. And he ran for several successful seasons when he replaced it Andy Griffith Exhibition in the CBS Timeslot. Unfortunately, Mayberry got the ax when networks began clearing many of the participants about rural life in 1971.

The home in Mayberry RFD was then used for ‘The Waltons’

'The Waltons'
‘The Waltons’ | CBS through Getty Images

The inner farmhouse Mayberry RFD it was a major stable on display. MeTV noting that it was the home of Sam Jones and his son, and Sam and Mike play a catch on the farmhouse lawn in the opening credits of the show.

It appears that the only farmhouse was not used Mayberry, ged. The Waltons, another classic from the 70s, also uses the house. And it’s because both shows were filmed on the Warner Bros. studio set. called “The Jungle.”

It was originally a tropical set built for “the Jungle” Santiago, a film created in 1956 made to look as if it were set in Cuba. But that set was then used for a plethora of TV shows and other films that required green space – and a farmhouse was built on the north end of the lottery. The two-story farmhouse was named Doonevan Flats, and had a spacious porch, three windows above the porch, and a red barn beside it.

After Mayberry Finished filming, Doonevan Flats was used as a home for the Walton family.

Arsonist farmhouse burned the last set

'The Waltons'
‘The Waltons’ | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

There is a lot to hear about the Doonevan Flats, but it never lasted. An Orlando Sentinel notes a fireman who set the farmhouse on fire in 1991. The source says that flammable material was first poured over the chicken coops, from which the flames spread up to farmhouse.

In 2014, The New York Daily News the fire was reported to have been started by John Orr, chief fire inspector in the Glendale Fire Department. It set off around 2,000 fires and caused a number of deaths. He apparently preferred to set clothing and hardware stores on fire for the most part, but Doonevan Flats did not go unscathed.

The Walton family farmhouse was eventually rebuilt on several different fronts. And it was used later Gilmore’s daughters how Dragonfly Inn started with Lorelai Gilmore.

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