A Kilo of Cocaine Once Washed Up on ‘Survivor’ Shores

When it comes to Survivor, it often feels like nothing can happen. The social movement of the game, remote locations, and difficult situations lead to some amazing games and twists. However, surprise is usually limited to the gameplay itself. That being said, there was one incident that threw the castaways for a bend, and this time it had nothing to do with play-by-play. Instead, the Shane Powers railroad found a type of shoe that was unlike any on the beach.

Shane Powers tells the story

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In an amazing version of events, Survivor star Shane Powers ran into an unexpectedly well-packed package while filming Survivor: Panama. It is interesting that island shores are an interesting thing.

“On Day 9, Aras and I were having a bath – whatever that means when you’re on Survivor. So we swam, washed, and I look down and at my feet is this square, like this, of tape. It was like, gray, cunning, like a brick of tape, ”he explained Shane Show.

“It so happened that I caught it, and you know, I’ve seen films. And I looked at Aras and I was like, ‘Holy sh * t dude this is af * cking key of coke!’ ”And I ran into the woods with him and got the machete and saw the tape with the machete. And I broke 2.2 pounds of open cocaine. ”

The reps came in before it got too wild

Sally Schumann, Bobby Mason, Austin Carty, Dan Barry, Jeff Probst, Terry Deitz, Shane Powers, Courtney Marit and Aras Baskauskas of Survivor
Sally Schumann, Bobby Mason, Austin Carty, Dan Barry, Jeff Probst, Terry Deitz, Shane Powers, Courtney Marit and Aras Baskauskas de Survivor | Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

While Shane Powers took a big surprise and even excited him Survivor found, production had other plans for the washed drugs. That is to say, they did not want to take away Powers.

“And as it happened, it was the production and the people with the cameras and the shops and shooting immediately to the producer who was on board or in charge of the department. And they said, ‘Listen man, I don’t know if this is good or bad for the show, but Shane has found a cocaine brick,’ the leg explained.

It turns out that Powers had some ideas on how to make the cocaine work out for his team in terms of playoffs. Talk about a strange and unfair advantage.

“So they ran over to me and took it – basically they gave the cocaine lie. Now I don’t know what I would have done with it. Maybe I saved a bit of it and everyone was crying too defiantly to give us energy. Maybe people would have done it, I was wondering what we could do to use the cocaine, ”he said.

The ‘Survivor’ star is suspected of having a good time in the production

Shane Powers from Survivor
Powers of Shane of Survivor | Monty Brinton / CBS through Getty Images

While Shane Powers was unable to hang himself on the drugs he found, he seems to think that the production team may have made the package unexpectedly disappear in their own way.

“From what I understand and this is proven, I know the production had a pretty strong season,” Powers said.

“With these amazing production people – you know there are a hundred or two cats and they deal with audio and everything, and they’re together for 39 days in that place. From what I understand, that cocaine did not go to waste. I believe cocaine was happily extracted. ”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, neither CBS nor Jeff Probst have commented on Powers’ s claim.

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