’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Paul Staehle Said They Needed a DNA Test When Karine Staehle Was Pregnant With Pierre

Paul Staehle and his wife, Karine Staehle, are notorious for their marital problems, and have been there almost from the beginning. Looking back on season 2 of 90 day Fian: Before 90 days, the Tell All was very memorable, especially the part in which Paul and Karine were involved. Meanwhile, Karine reveals that she is pregnant, and she goes on to give birth to her son, Pierre, a few months later. But at the Tell All, Paul admits they need a DNA test.

Paul Staehle says they need a DNA test

Paul Staehle on '90 Fiancé Days Before 90 Days'
Paul Staehle on ’90 Fiancé Days Before 90 Days’ | 90 day fanYouTube

Having previously gone through a miscarriage, there is finally good news in sight when Karine appeared on the Tell All that she is pregnant. The guest, Shaun Robinson, congratulates the young couple, who are not currently living together, as Paul is in the United States and Karine is back in Brazil.

Karine says she is happy about the pregnancy, but also “sad and scared” that things could happen again. Shaun says Paul is in the United States at the time to provide financial support for his family.

“Well, we have a baby on the way,” says Paul. “If I can’t approve my residence in Brazil, or agree to his visa in America, I can’t see the birth of the baby. That’s going to be intense, but we also need to do a DNA test in this regard. “

Shaun asks Karine if she hears what Paul is saying, and she replies, “Are you really doing this? Paul? ”

Paul’s reasoning behind being ‘a little worried’

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Shaun says that Paul has “accused” Karine of cheating more than several times. She says he says there is a “possibility” that Karine could have another baby. “Anything is possible,” Paul replied sternly.

Paul goes on to say why he is “a little worried. “She had some messages on her phone,” Paul explains. “Some things I came across that bothered me a little.” He also says that Karine would be “all night away” and come home the next morning. “So I’m a little worried,” Paul tells the host. When asked about the messages, he says they were “romantic and flirtatious.”

Shaun asks Karine if she’s talked to other men, and she says, “Well, the people I talk to live far away,” she explains. “There is no logic in attacking Paul with someone who lives far away. And I’m getting pregnant from someone very far away. I think what Paul has done now is very shameful. ” She starts to shower her eyes, and is clearly upset.

Karine says she hopes her visa will not be approved, and that she does not want to go to the United States because her “husband is talking badly” about her and “in front of everyone. ‘She starts crying, and Paul says he loves her.

Karine continues to have their son, Pierre, but the drama is far from ready for this couple.

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