’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Sumit’s Parents Had to Pay $20,000 for His Divorce

Sumit and Jenny are ready to get married, but the Fian 90 days stars are still waiting for Sumit’s divorce to end. The process has been challenging and expensive. And according to Sumit’s father, he issued nearly $ 20,000 for his son’s divorce.

Sumit Parents on '90 Fian Days: The Other Way '
Sumit Parents on ’90 Fian Days: The Other Way ‘ TLC / Youtube

Why the ’90 Day Fiancé ‘star had to pay for her divorce

On the 2019 season of 90 day witness: The other way around, Sumit dropped Jenny’s bombshell. He revealed that he was under pressure from an arranged marriage while Jenny was in the US and kept his wife a secret for a long time.

But after Jenny forgave Sumit for lying to her about his marriage, she made him promise to get a divorce. Sumit was ready for a divorce, but realized it would not be an easy process. The star of the truth revealed that his wife’s family was asking him to repay the $ 20,000 they had spent on the wedding.

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“My father-in-law said, ‘Pay me back, and then I’ll let my daughter go [from] you, ‘”Sumit told his friends earlier in the season. “I know, like, 20,000, it’s a huge amount. I paid half of it all. I already paid $ 10,000. ”

Sumit’s friends were surprised to hear how much money he had for his non-laws. And when they asked him how he could pay off, Sumit suggested that his father apply. “My father helps,” he explained.

Sumit says his parents help him because they love him

When he explained the situation to his friends on an earlier program of 90 day witness: The other way around, Sumit revealed that his parents would apply to help him pay his father-in-law. His friends didn’t understand why they would do that when they weren’t supporting Sumit’s relationship with Jenny. But Sumit said they were helping because they still like it.

“My parents help me because they love me, and it was a bad marriage,” he told delegates. “But at the same time, they do not agree with my friendship [sic] and Jenny.

On ’90 Fian Day: The Other Way, ‘Sumit’s father states that he paid $ 20,000 for the divorce

When Sumit met his parents in a recent program of 90 day witness: The other way around, things became very intense. Sumit’s mother broke down in tears when he tried to get her to accept Jenny.

And while his father felt the same way, he also felt guilty about pushing him to an arranged marriage. Sumit’s father admitted repentance and revealed how he helped his son pay his $ 20,000 in debt.

“I have to pay about $ 20,000 for a divorce to settle this issue,” Sumit’s father told representatives. “My whole life has earned so much, so much. ”

Sumit insisted that he pay his father back. But his parents are not yet on board with his marriage to Jenny, so viewers will have to wait and watch throughout the season to see how things expand.

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