’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Brittany’s Mom Gives Her Advice About Yazan

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira face many relationship hurdles, as can be seen this season ahead 90 day testimonial: The other way around. Wales returned to Chicago to end her divorce, but ended up getting plenty of good advice from her mother.

Wales and Yazan
’90 Day Fiancé ‘stars in Wales and Yazan | TLC

Yazan does not know that Wales is still married

Earlier this season onwards 90 day testimonial: The other way around, Wales moved to Jordan to join Yazan. The couple seemed to be doing very long. But with the advent of Brittany, the Yazan conservative family began to criticize its American way of life.

Wales has once again been at war with Yazan, insisting that it would always be its true self no matter what its culture demands. But amidst all the drama, she managed to hide one important detail about her life.

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In a recent program, Wales revealed that she was still technically married. Yazan knew about her first marriage but did not know that the divorce had not gone through. When she received a letter from the court, Brittany was forced to travel back to her hometown of Chicago to end her divorce.

The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘star is facing a huge legacy

Brittany had a complex relationship with its ancestor. She said 90 day testimonial: The other way around representatives that she met him at the age of 17, and that they dated him for a few years. The last two married, but it did not last long. Just months after the wedding, ex Brittany was sent back to Haiti.

The reality star said she filed for divorce while living with her mother in Chicago, which is also where she met Yazan online. But after going around Yazan all this time, Wales has yet to come clean about her marriage.

“I do not completely lie to Yazan,” said Brittany in a statement. “I’m not just telling him the truth why I’m going to Chicago. Long before I met the divorce lawyer in Florida, I lived with my mother for several months in Chicago, and I filed for divorce there. I didn’t hear anything back, so I thought nothing came of it. Then all of a sudden, the other day I got an email saying I have a court date to settle my divorce. I’m just so anxious. I hope everything works out. ”

On ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, ‘the mother of Brittany emphasizes the drama

After landing in Chicago, Brittany went to her mother’s house. The two sat down on wine to discuss the relationship drama in Welsh life.

Brittany explained how difficult it was to resist the harsh criticism from the Yazan family. But when she shook Yazan to let his parents comment, her mother pointed out what was obvious. “But that’s how he grew up, talking to his parents,” she said.

And when Brittany explained that Yazan was pressuring her to convert to Islam and erase her social media presence, her mother told her to stay true to herself. “I don’t think you should change your social media,” she said. “I think you should stay the person you are. ”

When Wales finally went to court to settle her case, she found out he was not in the system. The reality star explained that she had to file for divorce again, and she was concerned that the process would stress her relationship.

Viewers can continue to watch the British and Yazan love story as the season continues. Recent events of 90 day testimonial: The other way around on Sunday on TLC.

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