90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Armando’s Family Has an Intense Reaction to His Engagement Announcement

Armando Rubio finally introduced Kenneth Niedermeier to his family 90 day testimonial: The other way around. The meeting was tight from the start, but when Armando revealed that he and Kenneth were involved, his family rested with a strange silence.

Kenneth and Armando
’90 Day: The Other Way ‘star starring Kenneth and Armando TLC

Armando and Kenneth’s journey so far on ’90 Fian Days: The Other Way ‘

Kenneth and Armando are the first gay male couple in the Fian 90 days franchise. The couple first met through an online support group for gay fathers.

At the time, Armando, who is from San Felipe, Mexico, was living with his parents, sister, and young daughter Hannah after the tragic death of his wife. And Kenneth, who is 26 years older than Armando, lived nearby his four adult children and grandson in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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The two connected online and started talking, and the relationship continued to romance. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship until Kenneth decided to leave his American life and move to Mexico to join Armando.

The couple ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way ‘got involved in Mexico

Earlier this season onwards 90 day testimonial: The other way around, Kenneth decided to recommend it to Armando. He talked to his daughters and chose a romantic place on the beach to raise the issue.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” Kenneth told delegates. “When I came out in 1988, HIV / AIDS was running rampant. And in the early 90s, 80% of the people I knew were dead. And it’s sad because you want to go back and talk to some of those people you came out with and tell them that the world has changed for the better. So this is a big deal. I want my daughters to see the love between Armando and me directly, and then maybe they understand even better why I left. ”

On the beach, Kenneth got down on one knee and asked him to marry Armando. “Absolutely,” Armando replied, accepting his new festival. “I want to be with you for the rest of my life. ”

Armando reveals the news to his family

Armando’s family has had a hard time accepting his friendship with Kenneth. When it first came out to them, they refused to believe it. But when it emerged that he was moving in with Kenneth, the family had to face the reality.

In one of the most recent events of 90 day witness: The other way around, Armando Kenneth introduced his parents, sister, daughter and extended family. At first, his father refused to come and meet him. But after believing a little from Armando’s mother, he greeted Kenneth warmly for a few minutes.

Armando then took courage to tell his family that he and Kenneth had got involved. When he heard the news, his mother and sister looked on in horror. And the rest of his family responded with a long and strange silence.

Armando’s mother told delegates she felt “embarrassed” and wished Armando had told her in private. She also suggested that she never tell her husband about the pledge any time soon.

Finally, after a few tense moments, a member of Armando’s family asked him if they would invite him to the wedding. He smiled and said he would. And later, speaking to Kenneth, Armando admitted that the news was better than he had expected.

Viewers will see more of Kenneth and Armando ‘s relationship tour as of this season 90 day testimonial: The other way around follow up. New events on Sunday on TLC.

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