’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Armando’s Daughter Has a Beautiful Reaction to His Engagement News

Armando Rubio joined his longtime girlfriend, Kenneth Niedermeier, earlier in the season 90 day testimonial: The other way around. The couple have finally reunited with Armando’s daughter, Hannah. And when he heard the news of their promise, the 6-year-old had a wonderful response.

Kenneth and Armando on '90 Fiancé Days'
Kenneth and Armando on ’90 Fian Days: The Other Way ‘ TLC / Youtube

The ’90 Day Fiancé star and his daughter are having a difficult time

As can be seen on this season of 90 day witness: The other way around, Armando and Hannah are still recovering from a catastrophe. Armando’s first wife – a woman he married when he was very young – died in a tragic car accident when Hannah was very young.

Armando was married to Hannah’s mother for eight years. But after they came out to her, the couple decided to part.

“Unfortunately, about two or three months after we separated, she died in an accident,” Armando said in a confession. “Her car actually got out of the way and she died in the scene. She was my best friend, so that was really sad. ”

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Armando has been raising Hannah with his family

After the death of his wife, Armando has been raising Hannah with his family. His parents, Virginia and Armando Sr., and sister, Debbie, are very close to Hannah. So they were heartbroken when Armando told them that he was taking his daughter to live with Kenneth.

The whole situation has been challenging for the family in general, especially Armando’s parents. They have had a hard time accepting that Armando is gay. So when he announced his promise on a recent program of 90 day testimonial: The other way around, Armando was met with long periods of strange silence.

When Armando and Kenneth first returned home to meet the family, Armando Sr. he refused to talk to them. But after some coaxing from Virginia, he came out for a while to say hello.

The ’90 Day Fiancé’ couple tell Hannah that they are getting married

After a reunion with Hannah on the latest episode of 90 day testimonial: The other way around, Armando and Kenneth sat down to tell her about their promise. After explaining to her that it meant they would get married and have “two daddies,” Armando asked Hannah how she was feeling.

“I feel happy that the three of us are going to be together,” replied the 6-year-old. “I love you both. Duplicate the love – We will not separate. ”

The couple were thrilled to hear Hannah’s response. Kenneth almost broke down in tears expressing how happy he was to have Hannah in his life. And Armando admitted that her response was a much-needed relief.

“The way Hannah handles the news about Kenny as I engage is the reaction I needed at this stage,” he told delegates. “Especially following the comments I received from my family last night. To see that she is happy about this is the best feeling in the world, but I want to find out and feel that I have that support from my whole family. ”

Kenneth’s four adult adults are just as supportive of their connection as Hannah is. We hope that the audience will see the family mix beautifully together before the end of the season.

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