’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 8: Which Couples Actually Get Married?

Quarter 8 of Fian 90 days it brought back some familiar faces while introducing new ones to the franchise. Each couple in their iconic TLC series had their own issues and conflicts coming into the season.

Amira and Andrew from '90 Day Fiancé '
Amira and Andrew from ’90 Day Fiancé ‘| TLC / Youtube

And, there has been plenty of drama, fight and tension during the 90 days they have to plan their weddings. So much so that not every couple made their way down the aisle. What season did 8 couples get married? Keep reading to find out.

Andrew replied, “You were the first person to recognize Brazil! Good job! But honeymoon is not here. You will love this season and there are many unexpected things. we’ll be waiting to see it, our first program is December 20. ”

He went on to say, “This time it’s not what you think, there’s no damage here, you’re going to love the shipwrecks this season!”

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist

Natalie and Mike first appeared in season 7 of Fian 90 days. But when they started season 8 they were not in a good place. Natalie wasn’t ready to say she was in love with Mike in season 7 telling everyone. But before season 8, his visa was accepted and it was time to move.

But Natalie only had 20 days to move to the states after getting her visa. And she and Mike had doubts about moving too fast. However, they decided to take a chance. But it ended up leading to a major drama and fans thought Natalie and Mike were sad.

Not so! Mike and Natalie worked things out somehow and got married. Starcasm they found a local newspaper showing the announcement of Mike and Natalie’s wedding in March 2020.

Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr

Stephanie is a 52-year-old businessman who was never in a bad relationship before meeting Ryan, 27, in Belize. They tied up quickly, and she thinks he is the one. She started giving financial support to Ryan. And the self-described cougar hoped that when Ryan came to America their fights about his flirting would stop.

Stephanie and Ryan have been going a long way for three years, with plenty of rest. Even though they got involved, Stephanie hid that she had slept with Ryan’s cousin after she dumped him for “talking” to three girls.

Did she ever come clean? Did they get married? It is not clear whether they made it down the aisle. However, it is not like that. Ryan is not active on social media. And there are no images of him on Stephanie’s pages. There was also no sign of a marriage certificate.

Recent events of Fian 90 days Sunday nights on TLC.

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