’90 Day Fiancé’: Rosemarie Vega Opens Up About Her Glam Transformation After Her Breakup From Big Ed Brown

Rosemarie Vega, a single mother from the Philippines, suffered a troubled relationship and a sad breakup from Big Ed Brown on TLC’s 90 day testimonial: Before 90 days. Many Fian 90 days fans sympathized with Rose because of Big Ed’s ill-treatment of her, including shaking her body hair, misrepresenting her desire (lack) for more children at the time coming, and asking her to take an STD test while they would refuse to take one himself.

But after wrapping up TLC filming, Rose put her favorite status into a promising career as a social media influencer. The Fian 90 days the star quickly attracted over half a million followers on Instagram and launched a YouTube video, where she shares life updates, cooking classes, and country-wide travel vlogs.

Rose recently posted a glamorous photoshoot on Instagram. In an accompanying YouTube video, she took Fian 90 days fans behind the scenes from her hunt.

Rose shared a new set of glam photos on Instagram

Rose and Ed had arguments about almost everything in their short, turbulent relationship. But it was Big Ed’s comments about Rose’s appearance and body – including legless leg hair, as well as her breath (due to untreated stomach porridge) – that turned many in particular Fian 90 days fans against it.

In mid-October 2020, Rose got to face Big Ed with an ultra-glamorous set of professional photos (taken by @belgbelgica, the makeup with @nikkibetosmakeup, falt le @gelocibrianhair, and style with @kimsison_).

Forward Instagram, the sweet-spirited single mother shared pictures of herself in a white off-the-shoulder gown with slits up to the thigh and a carefully embroidered rose (obedience to her name) in her recently jeweled, colored hair. In other photos from the hunt, Rose dressed in a slim, chic, all-black outfit.

The Fian 90 daysit the star portrayed the photos with inspiring words that seemed to express her own feelings about her journey into the public eye (and to better self-esteem).

“If people are unsure of how far you can go, go so far that you can no longer hear them,” said one such man. quote read.

Ex Big Ed opened up about her insecurities and body image in a new post

Since he appeared Fian 90 daysit, Rose has opened to fans about many of her struggles over the years. Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend has talked about growing up in poverty and continuing to struggle financially, as well as the challenges of single motherhood and the embarrassment of being single. on her views on TLC.

After revealing her transformation in her latest photo shoot, Rose got raw and real with it Fian 90 daysit fans again in a vulnerable Instagram post about color, body image, and overcoming uncertainty.

“When I was younger, I was bullied because of the color of my skin,” Rose wrote emotionally role. “He reached a certain place where I had uncertainty. I was confused with other women a [had] pale skin. ”

Rose said she tried “many products” that promised to change the color of her skin, but the very thing she was always shining through.

“My natural skin color will always show,” she said. “That experience taught me to accept and accept the real me, embracing the natural color of my skin; Morena. Yes, I’m still getting incentives so far but it doesn’t affect me anymore. In fact, I get stronger when I get one. ” 😊

The Fian 90 days a star ended her career by encouraging her fans to accept, love and accept themselves as they were. Many viewers cited Rose’s words of encouragement and encouragement, praising her for inspiring others to cultivate the kind of self-confidence she displayed when she left Big Ed to be treated badly.

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