’90 Day Fiancé’: Julia Wants to Go Back to Russia After Her First Day in Brandon’s House

Julia Trubkina did not expect to care for pigs and chickens when she came to the United States to be with her boyfriend, Brandon Gibbs. After spending her first day at Brandon ‘s house, the Fian 90 days A star suggested she was ready to return home to Russia.

Julia and Brandon on '90 Fiancé Days'
Julia and Brandon on ’90 Fiancé Day ‘ TLC / Youtube

The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘star has to live with Brandon’s parents

As can be seen Fian 90 days, Brandon lives with his parents, Ron and Betty, on their farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia. After spending much of his savings on Julia K-1’s visa application, legal fees, and travel expenses, he decided to stay in his parents’ house to save money.

Before Julia arrived in the United States, Brandon tried to explain his financial situation. But in confession, he said he did not believe she fully understood.

“When I first met Julia, I explained to her, I’m not rich or anything, and I still couldn’t move out of my parents’ house,” Brandon recalled. “I don’t know if she understood 100 per cent when I explained to her the financial reasons, but it seemed okay – So when Julia arrives, we’ll be staying with my parents on the farm, and we will have 90 days for marriage. ”

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However, living with Ron and Betty was not easy. As soon as Julia arrived, they suspended her from birth control. They gave the couple separate rooms. And despite pushing her back, they asked Julia to work with their farm animals.

It’s not about farm life

At first, Julia was thrilled to see Brandon’s home. She cried tears of joy, noticing that she would never have to leave Brandon’s side again. But as the Fian 90 days he took a walk of the farm, she became more uncomfortable.

After being smeared into a press, Julia described herself as a Russian dancer and designer, often working in “nice” places. And when she heard Betty doing farm work, Julia admitted that she might want to leave their house soon.

“I look at it, I love it,” she told cameras when talking about Brandon. “But I look close, [and] I don’t know what I prefer. I love Brandon more, [or do] I love a nicer life? have to [a] option. I’ll give it to you, one month. After one month, if I am [don’t] i love this place, i say [to] to him, “We must [to] go, ”and we are alive [in the] city. ”

The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘star wants to return to Russia

On the latest episode of Fian 90 days, Julia spent her first day on the farm doing various jobs while Brandon was out. And at the end of the day, when he returned home, he did not come to greet her.

Julia was gradually feeling down with Brandon. And after working on the farm all day, she suggested that this version of American life was not for her.

“I hate this,” she told him. “And I think [it], I really want to go home. ”

Brandon tried to tell her it was just her first day. But Julia doubled down how much she hated that.

Brandon said he hoped Julia’s country life would eventually grow. But from the standpoint of it, it doesn’t really buy into the idea.

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